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Alain Sanders Interview with Fox 5 News

On May 29th, Professor Alain Sanders was interviewed by Fox 5 News about President Trump and Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign.   Professor Sanders teaches numerous courses in the political science department including those relating to the presidency, Congress, judicial process, constitutional law, and mass media. He is widely known for his exceptional ability to explain complicated […]

The Star Ledger and The Jersey Journal Come to the O’Toole Library

After class, students in Professor Plotch’s Research Methods class were delighted to see that the library is now getting the Star Ledger and the Jersey Journal delivered. The librarian took a photo of them while they were talking about the NFL draft, the new movie about Pablo Picasso, and the handshake between the Korean leaders.

Teach-In Workshop, Discussion

During this teach-in, faculty, staff, administrators, and students will discuss the #MeToo movement, #BlackLivesMatter, #CleanDaca, #SaveTPS, and #PRLevanta and how these campaigns contribute to the political climate. Date: February 5, 2018 Time: 10AM TO 2PM Location: Roy Irving Theatre

New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne, Jr., Speaks To American Government Class

Congressman Donald Payne, Jr., of New Jersey addresses Professor Alain Sanders’ American Government class. Congressman Payne spoke to the students about the work of a member of Congress, how he initially got into politics, and some current national issues such as homeland security, maintenance of the country’s infrastructure, and immigration.


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Dr. Sanders Discusses the 2020 Election Nevada Debate on ABC Radio

Alain Sanders, professor of political science, was recently a guest on ABC Radio. During the segment he discussed the 2020 Election Nevada Debate.  

Dr. Sanders Discusses Republican Presidential Debate on WCBS-AM

Alain Sanders, professor of political science, was recently a guest on Eye on Politics with Steve Scott on WCBS-AM. During the segment he discussed the recent Republican Presidential debate.