Dr. John E. Hammett III, Chairperson

The Department of Mathematics offers a major and a minor in Mathematics. Students must maintain an average of at least 2.0 in all mathematics courses counted towards the major in order to graduate as mathematics majors.

Requirements for Mathematics Major

Degree of Bachelor of Science

Eight of the required credits for the major count towards the Core Curriculum Requirements.

MA-143Differential Calculus 14
MA-144Integral Calculus 14
MA-246Discrete Mathematics3
MA-247Introductory Linear Algebra3
MA-248Math Tech Lab1
MA-273Multivariable Calculus I 14
MA-274Multivariable Calculus II 14
MA-335Probability Theory3
MA-375Advanced Calculus3
or MA-377 Ordinary Differential Equation
MA-382Mathematical Modeling3
or MA-385 Topics in Applied Mathematics
MA-441Modern Algebra3
MA-490Senior Seminar in Mathematics (Capstone)3
MAThree Mathematics Electives (MA-335 or higher)9
Total Credits47

Special Notes on Core Curriculum Requirements

Special Notes on Major Requirements

Requirements for a Minor in Mathematics

Select one of the following calculus sequences:6-8
& MA-124
Elementary Calculus I
and Elementary Calculus II
& MA-133
Statistics for Life Sciences
and Calculus for the Life Sciences
& MA-144
Differential Calculus
and Integral Calculus
& MA-274
Multivariable Calculus I
and Multivariable Calculus II
Select 4 MA-courses, 200-level or above12
Total Credits18-20

Special Notes on Minor Requirements