Disability Services

Transitioning to Saint Peter’s University

Welcome to Saint Peter’s University! We are so excited you have decided to continue your education at our institution. This page will give you the information you need to transition to Saint Peter’s as a student with disabilities. The Office of Civil Rights also has a Transition Guide that can further help you and your family understand the differences between disability services in the K-12 and the postsecondary sector. We hope this information will guide you in your transition to Saint Peter’s University so you can have a successful and engaging experience.

Now that I am in college, is there a difference in my rights as a student with disabilities?

Yes. Unlike in the K-12 sector, Saint Peter’s University is not required to provide a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to each student with a disability. Saint Peter’s University does not discriminate based on disability and we work with students to identify and implement housing or academic accommodations, as appropriate, for eligible students.

Who is responsible for informing Saint Peter’s University that I have a disability and need accommodations?

It is your responsibility as a student to self-identify and inform the university of any disability you may have. For more information on the process please visit our Applying for Accommodations page.

Do I have to inform Saint Peter’s University that I have a disability?

No. It is your decision whether you want to inform Saint Peter’s University about your impairment. If, however, you are seeking housing accommodations or academic accommodations because of your impairment, you must disclose information about your impairment so the appropriate reasonable accommodations may be assessed. We cannot provide any accommodations without knowledge of your disability.

Who is responsible for informing my professors that I receive accommodations?

Saint Peter’s University does not disclose information about your impairment or the approved accommodations. If you are approved for academic accommodations, you will receive a Letter of Accommodations detailing which accommodations apply. You must present that letter to your professors so your professors are on notice of the approved academic accommodations. We also suggest that you discuss your accommodations in detail with each of your professors.

Do I have to inform my professors that I can receive accommodations?

No. It is your choice to inform your professors that you may receive accommodations. If you do not provide your professor with the Letter of Accommodations, however, the professor will have no knowledge that you are approved for academic accommodations. If the professor is not aware you are approved for accommodations, s/he is unable to put them in place for you.

What documentation do I need to provide?

You will need to provide documentation from a qualified professional or doctor about your impairment. The qualified professional or doctor needs to certify that you have been diagnosed and provide evidence that the disability substantially impacts a major life activity. If you feel it helpful, you may also submit prior Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or Section 504 Plans from K-12 institutions for review and consideration. For more information on the documentation criteria please visit our Documentation Criteria page.

How do you determine what academic accommodations I receive?

Once you have submitted the correct forms and documentation, Dr. Nicole DeCapua Rinck will review everything you submit and meet with you to discuss the reasonable academic accommodations or housing accommodations which will be provided. At this time, we suggest you inform us of what has or has not worked in the past, as well as any challenges you believe you may face at the University. Any approved academic accommodations or housing accommodations will be based on your individual documentation, your needs and how your impairment affects your learning or daily activities. Saint Peter’s University encourages an open dialogue to explore various forms of accommodations.

If you have any more questions or need assistance please contact Dr. Nicole DeCapua Rinck by phone at (201)761-6038 or by email at accommodations@saintpeters.edu