Disability Services

Accommodations and Services

Saint Peter’s University will make reasonable academic accommodations or housing accommodations for eligible students.

These accommodations may include:

Classroom Accommodations

  • Allowing the student to record lectures
  • Class materials or textbook in an alternate format
  • Alternate format for instructions
    • Oral and written
    • Repeated, reworded, clarified, or simplified
  • Preferential classroom seating
  • Accessible classroom and in-class furniture
  • Extended time for assignments and tasks
  • Copy of lecture or class notes provided before class

Exam Accommodations

  • Extended time for testing
  • Use of a calculator
  • Alternate format for instructions
    • Oral and written
    • Repeated, clarified, reworded, or simplified
  • Post test review with faculty to explain improvement
  • Alternative location for testing*

*If you are taking an exam in an alternative location, you must fill out the Exam Accommodation Request Form. This form must be filled out at least 10 BUSINESS DAYS before the exam, but we ask that you submit the request as early as possible. If you know your exams at the beginning of the term , you may let us know at that time. This ensures the approved academic accommodations are met. If you do not fill out the form and return it in time, then you may not be able to take the exam in an alternative location at a preferred time or date. It is your responsibility to fill out this form and discuss these exam accommodations with your professor(s). If you have any questions please contact The Center for Academic Success & Engagement (CASE) at accommodations@saintpeters.edu.

Other Accommodations

    • CASE for tutor assistance

You may schedule meetings with Dr. Nicole DeCapua Rinck at any time during the term to discuss academic accommodations or other services you may need.