Recreational Life and Intramurals

Hall of Fame

The Saint Peter’s University Intramural Hall of Fame was founded in 1986 as a method of honoring former intramural staff and participants who distinguished themselves during their years at the University. Entrance into the Hall of Fame requires at least three years of outstanding service to the Intramural Department, four years of highly active participation in intramural sports, or a combination of both. A potential inductee must have graduated and be out of school for two years to be considered for nomination. University employees are also eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.  An individual may also be inducted into the Hall of Fame through the presentation of the Bob Neumann Hall of Fame Award.  Induction on this basis is reserved for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to Saint Peter’s University Intramural Sports, but may not qualify based on the criteria outlined above since this criteria is based on service during undergraduate years the University for full-time employees.

The Members of the Saint Peter’s University Intramural Sports Hall of Fame

Steve Holinka ’74
Carl Gonzalez ’83
James Ciriello ’84
Joseph Massarelli ’84
Charlie Guilfoyle ’84
Sue Diverio ’85
Peter Wilson ’86
Darwin Hayes ’86
Marianne McNeilly ’87
Jane Clites ’87
Megan Harty ’87
Linda McNeilly ’87
John Perez ’88
Sean Browne ’90
Rich Bludgus ’90
Sharon Pusey ’90
Dave Bryngil ’91
Mark Jarecki ’91
Matt McNeilly ’91
John Lauria ’92
John Gogarty ’92
Rich Agnolet ’93
Chrissy Stierch ’94
Drew Brown ’95
Tim Conley ’96
Joe Popovich ’96
Chris Pini ’96
Monica Ceklosky ’96
Jean Natusch ’96
Heather Foreman ’96
Tracey Due ‘96
Denise Marsik ’96
Kelly Driscoll ‘96
Aimee Annee ’96
Brian Callahan ’97
Johnny Way ’97
Erin Fitzgerald ’97
Mandy Lavelle ’98
Gary Gentile ’98
Liz Kelly ’98

Hope Grieser ’98
Mike Reeves ’98
Stephanie Zematitis ’98
Nicole Pugliese ’98
Mark Buitrago ’99
Sean Torpey ’99
Jim Rankin ’99
Harold Gold ’99
Rob Casatelli ’00
Rob Christensen ’00
Tom Kirwin ’00
Dennis Eickhorst ’01
Jerry Falduto ’01
Tisha Hennen ’01
Frank Gagliardi ’01
Keith Massey ’01
Larry Gonnello ’01
Marc Buttacavoli ’01
Karen Kolmos ’02
Chris Cassaro ’03
Paul DeFrancesco ’03
Gabe Poalucci ’03
Liz Nemeth ’03
Doug Grant ’04
Brain Devlin ’04
Pam DeLuca ’04
Joan Porter ’04
Quaderah Caver ’04
Allison Cantale ’05
Maryanne Mattson ’05
Chris Hansen ’05
Chris Hernandez ’05
Mike Lombardo ’05
Pete Pasuco ’06
Sheldon Clarke ’06
Mike Iurato ’07
Rich George ’07
Ryan McMullen ’08
John Massey ’08
Tom Grant ’09

Bob Neuman (Administrator) 1979-1998

“The Idiots”  Franchise   1992-1998