Enrollment Services

Tuition Freeze and Grants

What does a “tuition freeze” mean?

Saint Peter’s University is setting the base tuition rate for the Academic Year 2020-2021 to be equal to the base tuition rate of Academic Year 2019-2020; this means tuition for undergraduate, graduate, and adult-degree completion (SPS) programs. These rates will be posted on the Enrollment Services website in approaching weeks. Please check the page for updates.

This is being done as an immediate response to the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic and the financial impact it is having on students and families across the country.

Does the tuition freeze include fees? Does the tuition freeze include my room and board expenses?

The freeze covers tuition and mandatory fees. This does not include room and board expenses which will be set in mid-May.

What is a Cura Personalis Grant?

Cura Personali is a Jesuit tradition which Saint Peter’s University strongly believes in and means care for the whole person. The naming of the grant is a reflection on Our Advantage (hyperlink to the Issuu) and in intended to help students through these unprecedented times continue on their journey to graduation.

Who is eligible for a Cura Personalis Grant? How much is the grant?

All currently enrolled, full-time, returning, undergraduate day students who were previously enrolled in the spring 2020 term are eligible for the grant. The amount of the grant is “up to and equal to” $250 for the fall 2020 term. This is an institutional grant so all students are eligible to receive the award regardless of need, however, Cura Personalis Grant amounts may vary if a student is receiving other financial aid. Students already receiving full-grant in aid may not be eligible for the additional grant money. The grant is intended to help cover unmet tuition costs.

How do I find out if I’m eligible for the Cura Personalis Grant?

Returning student financial aid packaging will begin June 1st. All students receiving financial aid, including institutional merit/grant aid will receive their financial aid award reflecting this new grant.

Students are reminded to complete their FAFSA for the 2020-2021 to take advantage various sources of financial assistance; the deadline to apply is June 1st.

All questions about financial aid, including eligibility for the Cura Personalis Grant, should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at financialaid@saintpeters.edu after June 1st.