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Employee Tuition Exchange Programs

Additional information for Saint Peter’s employees and their dependents can be found within the Human Resources website.


Saint Peter’s University participates in three programs that provide tuition remission scholarship opportunities at colleges other than Saint Peter’s University for dependent children of eligible full-time employees. The three programs are:

  • The Jesuit Tuition Exchange Program (FACHEX),
  • The Council of Independent Colleges Tuition Exchange Program (CIC-TEP) and
  • The Tuition Exchange Program (TE).

In order to apply for these programs, employees must receive verification of their eligibility from the Office of Human Resources. After eligibility is determined, application to participate in the programs is made through the Student Financial Aid Office.

Enrollment in other institutions through these programs is on a space-available basis. FACHEX, CIC and TE awards are determined by each institution and the number of slots varies from year to year. Please note that acceptance into the host institution does not guarantee a FACHEX, CIC-TEP or TE scholarship. The host institution grants the scholarship and each institution has its own process for scholarship selection. These scholarships are not automatic. Many institutions choose their scholarship recipients based on the academic profile of the applicant.

The Tuition Exchange Program (TE) has an additional limitation. TE utilizes an import/export method for determining the number of available slots for each college every year. Colleges that do not maintain a balance of imports and exports may be suspended from the TE program. Therefore, it is necessary to establish guidelines to determine which employee dependents will be eligible to apply for the scholarship program when there are fewer available slots than applicants.
In the event that the number of interested dependent children exceeds Saint Peter’s University TE allotment for exports that year, the following guidelines will be followed:

  1. The University decides each year the number of exports in order to maintain a positive balance in the Program.
  2. Seniority at the University will be the initial tie-breaker if there are more applicants than slots available.
  3. Applicants must apply to all dependent tuition programs in which the desired college participates.
  4. If the desired college is only available in the Tuition Exchange Program, awards to that program will be limited to one dependent per employee.
  5. If a dependent is accepted into a college that participates in multiple dependent tuition programs, the University reserves the right to decide which program will be accepted; this process may extend placement to other dependents and therefore benefit to other applicants.


Please note that it is the responsibility of dependent children to file their admission applications and to adhere to all admission/scholarship deadlines established by other colleges. Information about each program, with links to participating colleges, may be found as follows: FACHEX; CIC-TEP; and Tuition Exchange (TE).

November 15

SPC employee should request certification of eligibility for dependent tuition remission from the Human Resources Office. Earlier filing for certification of eligibility is recommended.

December 1

SPC Employee should notify the Financial Aid office no later than December 1, using the Application for Dependent Children Certification for FACHEX, CIC-TEP and/or TE Programs, of the colleges to which their daughter/son has applied/will apply for admission and for which he/she seeks consideration for a tuition remission scholarship. Please note that applications for FACHEX and CIC-TEP will be certified and sent to the host institutions on a rolling basis. Therefore, earlier filing is recommended.
TE applications must be received by December 1.

January 15

The University will determine the number of slots available for the Tuition Exchange program (TE). If the number of applicants is equal to the number of TE scholarships available, each applicant will be given the opportunity to apply for a TE scholarship. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of TE scholarships, candidates will be determined by the guidelines listed in the DEPENDENT CHILDREN TUITION GUIDELINES FOR FACHEX, CIC-TEP , AND TE TUITION REMISSION SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS. Applicants who are not selected as TE applicants will be placed on a waiting list as alternates in accordance with the selection process in the policy statement.

April 15

Employees must notify the Financial Aid Office of the status of his/her dependent’s status with all tuition scholarship programs (offered or denied), as well as his/her decision to accept/decline awards from any program (FACHEX, CIC and TE).