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Saint Peter’s University has teamed with Parchment as our trusted agent for processing transcript requests, printing and delivery. It’s secure, convenient and available 24/7 from any location—saving you time and paper!

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript is your certified academic record.  An official transcript displays the terms you attended, graded courses, your academic program, majors, minors, concentrations and other relevant academic information with the university seal and signature of the University Registrar. Both current and former students must use Parchment to Order Official Transcripts.

View the Transcript key, which explains the grading system Transcript Legend.

What is an unofficial transcript?

An unofficial transcript contains your certified academic record, similar to an official transcript. However, it does not bear the university seal and University Registrar’s signature, and will display an “unofficial” watermark.

Effective January 1, 2015 unofficial transcripts are no longer issued by the Office of the University Registrar. Current Students may view their unofficial transcript in Student Planning under the Academics Menu. Former students who do not have access to Spirit Online or Student Planning must request an official transcript. 

Student Responsibility when Ordering a Transcript

Entering the Recipient:

  • Check with the recipient regarding how they would like to receive your transcript.
  • You must provide a valid e-mail address or a mailing address for the recipient if you are not sending the transcript to an In-Network recipient.
  • If you are sending a transcript to an In-Network recipient, you are responsible for confirming the recipient details.
  • Before placing an order for an electronic transcript, you should verify that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript.
  • If you enter incorrect recipient email or address information you must re-order your transcripts. There are no refunds/reprints for incorrect recipient information.
  • If you are planning to forward your records, reach out to the recipient institution to verify if they will accept a copy from you before placing your order. For most institutions, a transcript is not considered official if it is coming from the student/alumni. To maintain an official status, it should be sent directly to the institution.


  • Please review SpiritOnline to ensure that you do not have any active restrictions before requesting an official transcript.
  • Students are required to pay their outstanding tuition balance in-full in order to receive a transcript.  No exceptions will be made.  Payments can be made on SpiritOnline.  Questions regarding a financial restriction can be directed to the Office of Student Accounts at 201.761.7440 or studentaccounts@saintpeters.edu.

Transcript Type and Delivery Method

There are two formats available to send official transcripts:

  1. Electronic transcript: Electronic transcript orders will be processed and delivered the same day. Once an electronic transcript order has been placed, the order cannot be canceled or changed. Please be sure that the recipient will accept an official electronic transcript. To avoid potential problems with spam filters, please instruct the recipient to allow emails from Parchment (noreply@parchment.com). This is the fastest option available to send your transcript to its destination. 

Cost: $10.00

Delivery Method: Electronic transcripts are issued in a secure digital PDF format that must be downloaded by the recipient within 30 days. The recipient will receive instructions on how-to download the eTranscript. The recipient may download the eTranscript up to three times within 30 days after issue.

  1. Paper transcript: Official paper transcript orders will be processed and shipped within two business days during normal business hours. You will be notified via email the status of your order. Refunds will not be issued for official transcripts. If you do not want to receive an electronic PDF, you must select Paper Transcript.

Cost: $10.00  

Delivery method: Paper transcripts are shipped via USPS or FedEx (depending which option you select). Tracking information is available for all orders. Door-to-door tracking is available via FedEx shipping, while tracking via USPS shipping is available to the post office. Paper transcripts are not available for pick-up. There may be additional fees associated with specific delivery methods.


To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), all transcript orders require authorization. At the end of the ordering process, you will be asked to provide an electronic signature through the order form.

Hold Options

Options Matter. If you would like to order your transcript now but request that your transcript is not sent until the selection below is satisfied, we offer two Hold options:

  • Current Term Grades
    • Use this option if you are waiting for your current term grades to be posted to your records first before sending.
  • Current Term Degree
    • Use this option if you are pending graduation/degree conferral so that your recent degree conferral will be listed on your transcript.

Order Official Transcript

Click Order Records below to place an official transcript order:

Order Records

Holiday Schedule

If the University is closed and you place a transcript order, it will be processed during the next business day. We do not offer service on the weekends or on official University holidays as indicated on the Academic Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several questions can be answered by visiting the Parchment site.

Can I request a transcript by mail, fax, or email?
Unfortunately, we do not accept transcript orders by mail, fax or email. All orders must be placed online via Parchment. Unsolicited requests for transcripts made by mail, fax, or email will be discarded.

Can I send attachments with my transcript? 
Yes, you can upload the document during your order. If you have a form or document that must be included with your transcript, the attachment will be generated along with your records before being sent.

I placed an order but now want to cancel it. How do I cancel my order?
Once the order is placed, the process begins to generate and send your transcript to the recipient. To see if your order can be canceled, please access your Parchment profile and contact Parchment support directly.

I accidently provided the wrong email address as the recipient for the electronic transcript.  Can this be corrected?
Unfortunately, we do not have the option to edit the recipient on your order. Once an order is placed for an electronic transcript, we cannot cancel it. You will have to place an order for a new transcript to be sent to the correct recipient.

I accidentally provided the wrong delivery address for a print order. Can this be corrected?
Unfortunately, we do not have the option to edit the recipient on your order once it has been placed. You will have to place an order for a new transcript to be sent to the correct delivery address.

How do I check the status of/track my transcript request?
You can check the status of your transcript request at any time by logging onto Parchment and checking your orders.

The form is asking me for my Student ID#, but I don’t recall this
The form requires a match of information from either your Social Security # or Student ID#. If you are unable to remember your Student ID#, please fill in the field with a series of 0’s to submit.

Parchment Customer Support

If you have questions about the process or encounter difficulty placing an order, Parchment Customer Service can be contacted multiple ways:

Registrar’s Office Support

If you have general questions regarding transcripts contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@saintpeters.edu or 201.761.6052. Please be mindful that Saint Peter’s cannot issue refunds for orders placed with Parchment and you must contact Parchment directly.