Enrollment Services


Academic course planning begins during the last week of March  and October  for  the  following  fall  and  spring  terms, respectively. Registration for the Winter is planned during the last week of September.  All  tuition, fees  and  previous  debts  must  be  paid  by  the  published  due  dates,  otherwise  late  fees  will  be  charged  thereafter.  Where  payment  is  to  be  provided  by  scholarship  or  other  financial  plans,  students  should  make  prior  arrangements  and  submit  appropriate  documents  to  the  Office of Student Accounts  before  the  payment  deadline  each  term. The exact dates that Registration opens are published online on the Academic Calendar (www.saintpeters.edu/academic-calendar). 

All students must use Student Planning to plan and register for courses. Detailed instructions, as well as “how to” videos are available on the Student Planning Webpage.

Academic Advising

Academic advising is an important process where students and academic advisors engage to focus on helping students achieve their academic and career goals. While both students and advisors are responsible for actively participating in the academic advising process, students are responsible for making decisions about their education and career plans. Students should review their program requirements to ensure they are on track towards the path to degree completion. More information on this process is available on the  Advisement Webpage.

Undergraduate Day (Traditional) students must use Student Planning to plan their schedule. The student must select the courses they would like to enroll in, then click “Request Review” and your advisor will be sent an email to review the courses you have selected. It’s better to select and plan the courses that you would like to register for and not the individual section because once your advisor approves your course selection, you can then add any section of the course to your plan (this is helpful when a course is closed). When your priority registration date and time has arrived, click Register Now to enroll in the selected courses. Detailed instructions, as well as “how to” video’s are available on the Student Planning Webpage.

Undergraduate Evening and Graduate students must use SPIRIT Online to register or drop courses, as well as to review their academic progress by clicking on “Academic Evaluation”. If you have questions regarding your academic evaluation, consult your advisor for assistance. In the near future registration for evening students will move to a new registration platform, Student Planning. You will receive more information regarding this before the platform is launched.

Course Add/Drop Policy

Students may add and drop classes during the designated Add/Drop period for each term. The last date for adding and dropping classes for each term are listed in the Academic Calendar published by the Registrar and available online at www.saintpeters.edu/academic-calendar. Separate dates may be established for classes that do not follow the normal start/end schedule. Students who drop courses during the designated Add/Drop period will receive full (100%) refunds for those courses. Students with Financial Aid should be cautioned that dropping courses may affect their eligibility status and Financial Aid award amounts. Students must use Student Planning to add or drop courses.

Students are strongly cautioned against dropping classes indiscriminately, as doing so may affect eligibility for Financial Aid and scholarships, registration in other courses, full-time status, and overall degree progress. 

Note: Non-attendance does not constitute dropping a class. Students who never attend or stop attending class meetings will not be removed from class rosters. Furthermore, students who never attend or stop attending classes will be held responsible for their financial obligations to the University and will not be issued refunds. A student who does not officially drop or withdraw from a class by following the procedures described above, and in the Catalog will be issued an “F” as a final grade. Withdrawal requests submitted after the deadline will not be honored and will result in “F” grades due to failure to drop or withdraw from courses is final.

Withdrawing From a Class

After the add/drop period has concluded, students that need to withdraw from one or more courses must complete the Course Withdrawal Request Form for each course they would like to withdraw from. These course(s) will receive a “WD” grade on transcripts and if the request is approved during a period where a refund is appropriate (visit the Refund Schedule) this may result in a reduction of charges. Visit the ESC Forms and click on Course Withdrawal Request to request a withdrawal. This will require approval from your academic advisor.  The Registrar’s office will contact your advisor for approval after you have submitted the “Course Withdrawal Request”.

For any course(s) a student ceases to attend after the published deadline, the student will receive an “F” grade on his/ her transcript and there will be no refund. After the deadline to withdraw has passed, a student may no longer receive a “WD” grade except in an extraordinary situation which requires approval of the Dean of the school in which the student is enrolled in. 

Requests for an appeal after a deadline has passed must be accompanied by appropriate documentation about circumstances that prevented the student from add/drop/withdrawing within the required time limits. To submit this request, visit the ESC Forms and click on Retroactive Petition for Changes to Registration and/or Tuition. The Dean and the Registrar will review your circumstances and then grant or deny the request.

NOTE: Non-attendance does not constitute drop or withdrawal. The student will not receive a refund and will receive a grade of “F” for the course(s) in question. An official drop or withdrawal can only be transacted by completing the appropriate forms by the deadline date listed on the Academic Calendar.

Course Schedule

There are two options to view the Course Schedule

  • visit SPIRIT Online and click “Class Search (Login not required)” menu or 
  • visit Student Planning and click on “Course Catalog”. 

Then select the term you are interested in and the list of courses that are offered will be displayed.