Enrollment Services


Registration Overview

Registration dates for each term are published online on the Academic Calendar (www.saintpeters.edu/academic-calendar).

To Register/Add or Drop courses during the Add/Drop period complete a Registration Form.

To Withdraw from a course or all courses during the Withdrawal period, use the Course Withdrawal Request Form (PDF). Please note the Refund Schedule when processing changes to your registration.

To view your progress towards degree completion login to SPIRIT Online and click on “Academic Evaluation”. If you have questions regarding your program, schedule an appointment with your advisor.

Course Schedule

To view the Course Schedule, please go to SPIRIT Online and click the “Class Search (Login not required)” button.

Barriers to Registration

To view any restrictions on your account, please visit SPIRIT Online  and select “My Active Restrictions”. This will list all active holds that may prevent you from registering.

If you have a financial hold on your account you will not be able to register until you make a payment arrangement with the Office of Student Accounts. They are located in the Enrollment Services Center and can be reached at 201-761-7440.

How to Register Online