Earn Academic Credit

Our unique Internship & Cooperative Education Program offers students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and professional experience. CEEL is invested in student success and learning outcomes.

We work with you to arrange three advisers that provide support during your internship and co-op experience:

  1. Co-op Education & Internship Adviser – CEEL internship counselor that helps you find a co-op position and works with you to maximize your learning experience.
  2. Co-op & Internship Supervisor – workplace supervisor that helps you structure your work to facilitate learning and improve your skills and productivity.
  3. Saint Peter’s Faculty Sponsor – serves as your personal guide in helping you integrate your academic studies with on-the-job learning.

Requirements for Earning Academic Credit

Through the Program’s Academic Component, students can earn academic credit by designing their own course in consultation with a Faculty Sponsor. You choose your topic (or “Academic Theme”) and your Faculty Sponsor.

  • The only requirement for the Academic Theme is that you choose a topic you’re interested in that relates to your work, your employer, or the industry in which you are working.
  • The only requirement for a Faculty Sponsor is that you choose someone whose expertise matches the topic you are interested in studying.
  • There are no requirements for hours spent “on the job”. Students typically work 15-20 hours per week.

Students do not GET credit for their work experience alone; rather, students EARN academic credit as they would in a traditional college course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must make arrangements to earn academic credit BEFORE you start your work experience. To schedule a co-op/internship consultation, please contact Sondra Riley at sriley@saintpeters.edu