Everyday Morality Research Completed by Saint Peter’s University Psychology Professor to be Published Tomorrow in Science

Daniel Wisneski, professor of psychology at Saint Peter’s University, is available for comment on a study he completed on morality, which will be published in Science on September 12, 2014.


Wisneski worked alongside Linda Skitka, of the University of Illinois, and researchers from the University of Cologne and Tilburg University to complete the study titled, “Morality in Everyday Life.” The research was conducted utilizing an innovative method that had previously not been applied to morality science. More than 1,200 adults from the United States and Canada participated in a three day study in which they received five daily signals on their smartphones at random times throughout the day and they provided information about any moral or immoral acts that they had committed, received or noticed around them.


Thursday, September 11


Daniel Wisneski, psychology professor at Saint Peter’s University

Among related topics, Wisneski can discuss:

  • How often people commit moral behaviors in their day-to-day activity
  • The role of politics, religion and social environment in everyday morality
  • Whether or not moral behavior boosts happiness
  • Whether or not morality is contagious
  • Results of the study and future implications
  • Technology’s role and impact on research findings


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