Facilities & Resources

student in simulatorThe Psychology Department houses several research laboratories, including the Social Psychology (SP) Lab, Cognitive Lab, and Human Perception and Performance (HPP) Lab. In the HPP Lab, you’ll find an optokinetic drum, head-mounted display equipment with virtual reality capabilities, and a flight simulator for conducting research in motion sickness, motion perception, and virtual reality. Students in the Introduction to Psychology course may participate in experiments in the labs. Psychology majors have opportunities to collaborate on research projects with faculty and students.

Computer Laboratory

The Psychology Department’s Computer Laboratory is located in Pope Hall, Room 102, and is outfitted with 13 networked computers, and LCD projector, and a high speed laser printer. PS210 Computers in Psychology is taught here and other laboratory classes meet here as well. All the computers in the lab are loaded with the software that is necessary for conducting statistical analyses.

Human Perception and Performance

The Human Perception and Performance Laboratory at Saint Peter’s University is located on the ground level of Pope Hall in Room 9. Research related to self-motion perception, motion sickness, and virtual environments is currently being conducted in the lab. The lab is co-directed by  Dr. Andrea Bubka and Dr. Frederick Bonato (Montclaire University). Equipment in the lab include an optokinetic drum, a virtual reality setup, a motion platform with detachable aircraft cockpit and controls, and a rear-projection system.

Clubs and Organizations

The Psychology Club – Any student, who is interested in psychology can participate in the Club, whether they are a major or not. The Club is run by students, and the members organize activities that are of broad interest, such as guest lectures and field trips. The Club also sponsors special meetings at which students’ questions and concerns are discussed – for example, questions about planning for graduate studies. Visit the Psychology Club for more information.

Psi Chi – Psi Chi is a national honors society for psychology majors and minors sponsored by the American Psychological Association. Only students whose performance is at the top of the class of psychology majors are invited to join. Most students who see psychology as a career goal try to meet the standards of Psi Chi, since membership can certainly help in getting into graduate school. The Club and Psi Chi members also attend the meetings of the Eastern Psychological Association. Every Spring semester a group of 20+ attend and present at the professional meeting. Visit the PSI CHI club for more information.


The “Danesino Medal” is a competitive award available to psychology majors. The Danesino medalist is selected by the psychology faculty and is always awarded to the a graduating senior.