Department of Arts

Learning Goals & Mission


The Department of Arts seeks to increase not only students’ awareness and appreciation of the various arts, but also their involvement in the arts. Our courses will give students an understanding of the respective art form being studied and of its important in human development. This includes: knowledge of the art’s historical; development and of its structural forms; skills in analysis and evaluation of artistic creations; culture and intellectual appreciation of the structural principles and of the style and beauty of the art forms; and acquaintance with culturally significant artist.

Learning Goals

Art and Music History

  1. Describe the artistic development of the period covered in the course subject.
  2. Identify the styles as conventionally designated.
  3. Recognize and explain the artistic technologies involved.
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with the various artistic structures.
  5. Identify significant artists through recognition of their important works.
  6. Provide the time markers of significant art periods and artists.
  7. Discuss analytically and evaluate works of art in written and/or oral format.
  8. Explain the importance of art in human development, especially how art expresses a culture’s values.
  9. Research an artistic subject, critically evaluating evidence, expressing and defending (either in written or oral format) an opinion.
  10. Be prepared for the job market and/or graduate school.

Studio Arts

  1. Identify the appropriate artistic techniques, media and forms.
  2. Demonstrate facile usage of artistic tools.
  3. Control the artistic media.
  4. Show sensitivity to the nuances of the artistic media.
  5. Explain in written or oral format the artistic intent and method of communication.
  6. Conform to traditional standards of specified art forms and/or structures.
  7. Balance artistic discipline with the freedom of expression and personal style.
  8. Create finished art products (including everything from canvas preparation through matting, framing, in Visual and Fine Arts, in Graphic Arts this would include correct file formatting, understanding the printing process, resolution, and color, as well as the presentation of the work to a client).
  9.  Make public presentation of art products (exhibition experience, hanging or display, concert performances etc. as applicable).
  10. 10. Be prepared for the job market and/or graduate school.