Department of Arts

Facilities & Resources

Our Department in Rankin houses many art facilities: state-of-the-art Mac Graphic Arts lab, painting and drawing studio, sculpture studio, music studio, photography shooting as well as darkroom developing studios, piano practice rooms as well as art history “smart classrooms”

Our greatest resource is the artistic capital of the United States (maybe of the world): New York City. It’s only a short 15 minute PATH train ride away to its center. The number of museums, art galleries, theatres, musical venues in Manhattan as well as here and near us in New Jersey is unmatched anywhere else. If you want to study art, become an artist or work in any of the graphic arts, there is no better place to be.

Many of our students join the International Arts Honor Society: Kappa Pi.


There are so many career choices for Art Majors. Your creativity and imagination open the doors to great possibilities. Listed below are a few of the options.

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Illustrator
  • Medical Illustrator
  • Web Designer
  • Book Designer
  • Advertising Designer
  • Digital Artist
  • Product and or Package Designer
  • Typographer
  • Teacher (College, Elementary/High School)
  • Museum Work (Curator, Exhibition Installer, Education, Administration)
  • Art Gallery Dealer
  • Work at an Auction House
  • Corporate Curator
  • Art Investor
  • Art Law (Copyright and Patent)
  • Art Therapist
  • Government Agencies (NEA, NEH, Archives of American Art, etc.)
  • Freelance Writer (Criticism, Art History, Art related travel, etc.)
  • Art Librarian
  • Visual Recourse Materials Librarian
  • Painter
  • Sculptor
  • Printmaker
  • Photographer
  • Photo Journalist
  • Musician (Composer, Performer, Teacher)