AR-110. Art in the City. 3 Credits.

New York City examined in its architectural presence, as repository and distributor of world art, and as stimulant to plastic creativity.

AR-127. Introduction to the Visual Arts. 3 Credits.

A comprehensive study of art history, focusing on important masterpieces, styles, and significant artists. By examining painting, sculpture, and architecture, students realize the importance of art in society.

AR-128. Introduction to Music. 3 Credits.

A brief history of Western music since the Renaissance. Composers, styles and representative works from each major period will be discussed.

AR-131. Beginning Painting. 3 Credits.

Introduction to variety of art paints, grounds, brushes, techniques.

AR-140. Figure Structure Workshop. 3 Credits.

A study of the human figure in two and three dimensions working from a plaster model. Proportions of the skeleton and mechanism of motion are emphasized.

AR-151. College Chorale I. 1 Credit.

Semester's active participation (at least15 hours) in one of the college's vocal arts ensembles (both practice and performance). Graded P/F.

AR-157. Introduction to Photography I. 3 Credits.

Beginning with basic camera operation, students learn the visual and technical elements that create a photograph. 35mm camera required.

AR-158. Introduction to Photography II. 3 Credits.

Directed toward developing a personal style of picture taking, this course includes dark-room experience in processing and printing black and white film. Prerequisites: # CM-115 CM-116 CM-117 CM-119 CM-120 OR HP-122 # AR-157.

AR-160. Drawing and Composition Workshop. 3 Credits.

Studio work: theoretical analysis and practical application of some of the components of a work of art: form, line, shape and value.

AR-161. Painting Workshop. 3 Credits.

Studio work: texture, color, and space are studied.

AR-162. Painting and Drawing Workshop. 3 Credits.

Studio work: basic techniques.

AR-165. Figure Painting Workshop. 3 Credits.

Studio work: study of the human form in color.

AR-166. Sculpture Workshop. 3 Credits.

Studio work: modeling in clay based on the human figure.

AR-171. Live Model Figure Drawing Workshop. 3 Credits.

Studio work: study of artistic anatomy from live models.

AR-172. Landscape Painting Workshop. 3 Credits.

Beginning approaches to landscape painting; including composition, perspective, and texture.

AR-175. Acting Workshop I. 3 Credits.

Practice various methods of acting technique from traditional (Stanislavski) to modern (Open Theater). Movement and improvisational exercises. Video tape project.

AR-176. Acting Workshop II. 3 Credits.

Continuation of part I including presentations for theatre and video space. Creation of video suitable for use as an audition piece. Prerequisites: AR-175.

AR-210. Art in the Museums. 3 Credits.

Experience the art of the ancient, renaissance and modern periods through escorted tours of art museums, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, The Frick Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim, The Whitney.

AR-211. Renaissance Art I. 3 Credits.

Study of fourteenth-century Italian art and its development through the fifteenth century: Giotto, Duccio, Donatello, Masaccio, Botticelli, etc.

AR-212. Renaissance Art II. 3 Credits.

Study of the High Renaissance and Mannerism in painting and sculpture, especially Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael.

AR-214. Art Advertising and Design. 3 Credits.

Appreciation of the non-verbal communication of visual images: light, color, shape, line, texture, design principles, etc. Studies through projects creating effective advertising images.

AR-215. Medieval Art. 3 Credits.

A study of Early Christian, Byzantine, Carolingian, Ottonian Romanesque and Gothic art. Emphasis on the beginnings of Christian art and on Gothic cathedrals.

AR-220. Introduction to Computer Art. 3 Credits.

Designed to introduce the student to using the computer for design in InDesign, photo manipulation in Photoshop and illustration in Illustrator. Both artist and non-artist, graphic arts or internet. Projects form basis of professional portfolio.

AR-224. Digital Imaging With Photoshop. 3 Credits.

Photoshop use: production and presentation, printing your work, portfolio preparation and internet emphasized.

AR-225. The Origins of Modern Art. 3 Credits.

A study of Neo-Classical, Romantic, Realist, Impressionist and Post Impressionist movements in the arts of the Nineteenth Century.

AR-229. Baroque Art. 3 Credits.

A study of the painting, sculpture, and architecture of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Emphasis: Caravaggio, Bernini, Rubens, Rembrandt, Velazquez, Zurbaran.

AR-231. Egyptian Art. 3 Credits.

A detailed study of the arts of Egypt and the ancient Near East.

AR-232. Art and Desktop Publishing. 3 Credits.

Creation of a brochure, mailer, newsletter or magazine at home or in business. Use of current programs per business world standards. Emphasis on aesthetic concerns. Prerequisites: 1 COURSE FROM CM-115 CM-116 CM-117 CM-119 CM-120 HP-122.

AR-238. The Science of Art. 3 Credits.

Materials of art and artifacts, scientific and technical principles underlying the creation of art works, authentication and forgery, deterioration due to time and environment, restoration techniques. Three class periods weekly.

AR-240. Cultural Diversity in Art. 3 Credits.

Through guided visits to various ethnic art museums/collections (such as Asia Society, Japan Society, China Institute, African Art Museum, Museum of the American Indian, Jewish Museum) students experience cultural diversity. A multi-cultural course which broadens students' appreciation of ethnic identities through the study of ethnic art.

AR-242. Computer Illustrator. 3 Credits.

Uses in print graphics, advertising, charts for marketing. Graphic implementations in all areas of business and marketing.

AR-250. Live Performance Art. 3 Credits.

Participants will be enlightened, enriched, entertained, by attending performances representative of Broadway musicals, ballet, concerts, dance, and opera.

AR-253. Environmental Art and Issues. 3 Credits.

The course is designed to look at environmental issues through the interpretations of an artistic venue. It explores how interdisciplinary environmental discussions within academic and activist communities can inform the artist and their work as well as society at large. Includes research on topics such as eco-ethic, animal rights, environmental justice, green consumerism and eco-activism. The work created will be presented in a university gallery space, web site and/or through a public dialogue on campus for university students and the community at large. The course is geared toward a range of disciplines within and outside the arts inviting a wide range of students to take this course.

AR-260. Music Theory I. 3 Credits.

An introduction to species counterpoint and common practice harmonic analysis. Prerequisites: AR-128.

AR-261. Music Theory II. 3 Credits.

Advanced common practice harmonic analysis and an introduction to 20th century counterpoint analysis. Prerequisites: AR-128, AR-260.

AR-265. Group Singing I. 3 Credits.

For beginning voice students; basic skills including confidence, self-expression, phonation, diction, phrasing. Prepare audition-ready song.

AR-266. Group Singing II. 3 Credits.

For intermediate-level singing. Performance skills including breath support, resonance, blending, expressiveness. Peer and professional observation. Prerequisites: AR-265.

AR-267. History of Graphic Art. 3 Credits.

This course investigates the evolution of Graphic Arts. The focus of the class will be on individual artists, movements and technologies, exploring the relationship between design and its viewers as well as analyzing the visual attributes that make a work of art.

AR-273. The Story of Rock. 3 Credits.

Analysis of musical and pop cultural trends of the 20th century through today, focusing on the orgins of Rock and Roll, its evolution, and the forms it has inspired, towards a better and more critical understanding of current popular music and its origins.

AR-279. Watercolor Painting. 3 Credits.

Introduction to watercolor painting techniques, watercolors, papers, brushes, methods.

AR-282. Beginning Piano. 3 Credits.

Exercises and songs in the three simple keys (C, G, F; A, E, D). Songs and piano pieces will be practiced and performed. For beginners.

AR-293. Today's Film Scene. 3 Credits.

Students will meet in Manhattan to view and analyze contemporary films, often before they are released to the general public. At times the filmmakers are likely to participate. The course will give students a knowledge of the contemporary film scene as well as skills in film analysis. Prerequisites: 1 COURSE FROM CM-115 CM-116 CM-117 CM-119 CM-120 HP-122.

AR-295. Co-Op. 3 Credits.

AR-335. Art Appreciation (aesthetics) I. 3 Credits.

A study of the different concepts of beauty, covering Asian and Western art, up to the Impressionists.

AR-336. Art Appreciation (aesthetics) I. 3 Credits.

A study of various contemporary trends in art.

AR-337. Advanced Photography. 3 Credits.

Intensive darkroom work to produce exhibition quality portfolios. Technical information will be stressed. Prerequisites: AR-279.

AR-338. Ethics and Photography. 3 Credits.

The writings of A.D. Coleman, Susan Sontag, James Mitchell and others wi form the basis for analysis of trends in photography. Visits to exhibitions in SoHo and Chelsea will be scheduled.

AR-339. Graphic Publishing. 3 Credits.

Advanced look at InDesign skills of professional print and design studios. Style sheets, master pages and templates. Linear blends, bleeds, color and trapping. Students will produce a real world publication. Prerequisites: AR-232 AR-220 AR-214.

AR-340. The Visual Arts in America. 3 Credits.

A survey of art in the United States from the Colonial period to the present.

AR-350. Typography. 3 Credits.

Placement, sizing, personality, color, tracking, kerning, leading and other aspects of type plus its history and use as abstract design elements. Student create fonts. Prerequisites: AR-214 AR-220 AR-232.

AR-355. The Nude in Art. 3 Credits.

A study of the human body in art as the basis of varying concepts of beauty.

AR-361. Color Photography I. 3 Credits.

This course explores the theory, manipulation, lighting (daylight and flash), and the printing of color photography. Prerequisites: AR-157.

AR-366. Tools of Graphic Art. 3 Credits.

Analysis and skills development in areas of: color, memory management, text, format, web use and print. Projects require use of softwares in tandem. Prerequisites: AR-220 AR-224 AR-232.

AR-367. Advertising and Packaging Design. 3 Credits.

This course explores various approaches to 3-D design. Students develop and esecute package designs, fabrication materials and techniques. Prerequisites: AR-214 AR-220.

AR-368. Graphic Design. 3 Credits.

This course introduces the student to the basic ideas of design: symbology, typography, illustration and photography. The student will be exposed to the exxentials of the field, the use and care of materials, career options, and an introduction to basic terminology. The organization and communication of information through work and image will be emphasized. Prerequisites: AR-214 AR-220.

AR-375. Capturing and Constructing: Camera Raw and iPhoto. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the creative and technical possibilities of photography and digital media. Hands-on sessions as well as demonstrations will enable the student to learn the basics of using a digital camera and the imaging software Photoshop, Camera Raw and iPhoto. Topics to be cover will include camera operation, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, composition, lighting for fine art shooting, uploading files, image enhancement, bit depth, resolution, file size, histograms, curves archiving, organizing and storing work, printing and more. Prerequisites: AR-224.

AR-376. Capturing and Constructing: Digital Photos. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the creative and technical possibilities of photography and digital media. Hands-on sessions as well as demonstrations will enable the student to learn the basics of using a digital camera and the imaging software Photoshops Camera raw and iPhoto. Topics to be cover will include camera operation, shutter speed, aperture, focal length, composition, lighting for fine art shooting, uploading files, image enhancement, bit depth, resolution, file size, histograms, curves archiving, organizing and storing work, printing and more. Prerequisites: AR-157.

AR-381. Art of Web Design. 3 Credits.

Explores artistic aspects, ideas and techniques of Web design using Dreamweaver, creation of text, tables, images and forms, a website. Prerequisites: AR-220, AR-224 OR AR-248.

AR-382. Piano Workshop. 3 Credits.

A studio course to develop student's basic, beginning level skills as well as those of intermediate level students.

AR-383. Computer Animation. 3 Credits.

Basic principles of animation with Image Ready enhanced by Flash application. Prerequisites: AR-220 AR-242 AR-224.

AR-384. Art and Buddhism. 3 Credits.

A value-oriented, in-depth study of Buddhist theology and philosophy as expressed in art. Buddhisms changing visual expressions will be investigated. Emphasis will be placed on artistic expression of religious values.

AR-386. Art and Hinduism. 3 Credits.

The value system of Hinduism and how it is expressed in Hindu art. Comparison with other art traditions. Mandatory museum and temple visits.

AR-399. Tutorial. 3 Credits.

AR-420. New York Theatre Live. 3 Credits.

Appreciation of contemporary theatre through attendance of Broadway, Off Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theatre in New York City.

AR-430. Senior Thesis Project: Portfolio Presentation. 3 Credits.

This class is designed to provide the Studio Art and Graphic Design student with a cumulative experience of their major. A completed portfolio representing the studio area of specialization, along with a written statement of personal philosophy in the development of the visual imagery, will be presented in the form of a show. A wide variety of career-oriented topics will be discussed. Resume, cover letters and other self-promotional and business skills will be addressed.

AR-499. Short-Term Study Abroad. 3 Credits.