Division of Information Technology

Smart Classrooms

Smart classrooms have been installed in several buildings on campus. These classrooms are built in two distinct tiers, as podium installations and as retro-fit equipped rooms. All smart classrooms consist of a small, simple to use pushbutton interface that turns on the ceiling mounted data/video projector and controls its inputs: VCR, DVD, PC, and Document Camera. Smart classrooms place at your fingertips the kind of equipment you might be contacting Media Services for delivery, yet in the case of podium rooms, all the equipment is permanently mounted. In the retro-fit rooms, the projector, controller and Dell PC are permanent. Equipment such as a DVD or VHS player can be delivered by Media Services. This equipment can be hooked into the system in a matter of seconds.

Smart Classroom Instructions – Podium Rooms
Smart Classroom Instructions – Retrofit Rooms

SMART Boards

Several classrooms are outfitted with SMART Boards, which allow instructors to interact directly with projected material and to draw, create, mark up on-screen applications in real-time, save and record lesson plans. All VDI Labs have SMART Board software installed, and Classrooms which feature physical SMART Boards include Dinneen 326, Dinneen 331, McDermott 207, the 3rd floor classrooms of the Library, and the CELAC classroom in the Library Basement.

Smartboard FAQ (last updated 4/6/16)

SMART Board User Manual

For more information about how to use SMART Boards, please contact Rob Adelson at radelson@saintpeters.edu, or IT Service desk at servicedesk@saintpeters.edu