First Year Orientation

First Year Orientation

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First Year Orientation

(required for undergraduates)
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First Year Orientation events are designed to make sure you feel right at home on campus. Through this series of events you will also take care of placement testing, registering for classes, getting your email address and student ID, and several other rites of passage for a Saint Peter’s University student. Once your deposit is received, and processed, you will receive information about which of the placement tests you will be required to take. Some students may be eligible for an exemption depending on their SAT/ACT test scores or invitation to the Honors Program.

Events to help new students prepare for their start at Saint Peter’s University are planned for dates throughout the summer and for the weekend prior to the start of the semester. Peacock Prep Day and First Year Orientation Weekend are both designed to help make sure you feel right at home.

All new, first-year students must:

Take placement tests – tests must be completed prior to attending Peacock Prep Day (unless you have an exemption).
Attend Peacock Prep Day
Attend First Year Orientation

You must sign up for all of these events through Peacock Connect.

Your notification will indicate which test(s) you are “required” to take or if you are “exempt” from taking a test. In addition to taking placement test, you are able to sign up for your Peacock Prep Day and secure your seat for the start-of-the-semester.

Peacock Prep Day

Peacock Prep Day is a mandatory one-day program for all first year students and their parents or guardians. During this event you will take care of registering for classes, meeting students, creating a financial plan and more! This is the time to get ready for the fall and receive your fall semester academic schedule, meet with a financial aid counselor for a final review of your tuition bill, and connect with campus resources to aid you and your family in the transition to university life.

In order to register for Peacock Prep Day students must first pay their tuition deposit and, prior to attending Peacock Prep, students must have taken their placement exams. Once students sign up for a Peacock Prep date, the Office of First Year Experience will reach out to confirm your attendance and provide you details about the event.

Parents or guardians are strongly encouraged to join us at Peacock Prep Day. The parents’ program is separate from the students’ program. Sessions help prepare for the role of parenting a college student. Parents also learn about academic expectations and are introduced to Saint Peter’s important policies and processes.

Dates: choose from July 16, July 17, August 7 or August 8; students enrolling in the EOF program will receive new student registration and advising through the program, but are required to participate in First Year Orientation in August. Students enrolling in the Academic Success Program or the TRiO Program are required to attend either July 16 or July 17. Students from out-of-state are required to attend. Saint Peter’s University has recommended hotels for students and their families. Please contact the Office of Admission for more information.

First Year Orientation

After a summer of relaxing, working and getting ready for college, we have one more weekend to help our all our first year students prepare for the start of the semester. First Year Orientation is when resident students move onto campus and then are joined by commuting students, transfer students and International students for an energized two-day event. By the end of orientation, students will have connected to campus resources and opportunities for student success. The orientation team will provide all of the essential experiences

First Year Orientation weekend for commuter and resident students will begin Sunday, August 25 and continue through Monday, August 26. All new, enrolling students are required to attend. Students can confirm their attendance by going to

Student Move-in – Resident students only
Resident students move-in day is a festive day welcoming students to their home away from home! Resident move-in is scheduled for Saturday, August 24. Students must be financially cleared and have completed their health/immunization forms prior to move-in day.

Placement Testing

Sign up for placement testing. You can choose from a variety of placement testing dates from April to August. You must take your placement test prior to your attending Peacock Prep.

Placement Testing Information

Saint Peter’s Writing Placement Test
Placement in the appropriate level of English Composition is determined by the writing of an extensive essay based upon a prompt from ACCUPLACER. Students are expected to respond to the question provided with an essay that they carefully plan and proofread to demonstrate their level of proficiency in grammar and development of argument. The level of skill demonstrated in this essay determines which class will provide the student with the best chance for academic success.

Saint Peter’s Mathematics Placement Test
There are 40 questions on the Mathematics part of the placement test. The questions cover the following topics from Elementary and Intermediate Algebra:

  • Operations with Polynomials: Addition, Subtraction,
    Multiplication, and Division
  • Substitution in Algebraic Expressions and Equations
  • Translation from Verbal to Algebraic Expressions
  • Exponents and Roots
  • Solving Linear Equations
  • Factoring
  • Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
  • Algebraic Fractions
  • Linear Inequalities and Order
  • Graphs of Linear Equations
  • Systems of Linear Equations

Saint Peter’s Reading Comprehension Test
The Reading Comprehension test has 20 multiple choice questions. The test is comprised of two types of questions that measure a student’s comprehension, ability to identify the main idea of a passage, and make inferences based on supporting evidence. The first type of questions will require the student to read short and long passages in order to answer questions on what has been read. The second type of questions requests that the student determines the relationship between two different sentences. The second sentence will support, contradict, or repeat the same idea as the first sentence.

Exempting Placement Tests
Students may be exempt from the Mathematics and/or Reading Comprehension tests based on their SAT/ACT scores. All students are required to take the Writing placement test. Students who applied as test optional candidates may be placed based on submitted scores not included in the admission decision. Students invited to the Honors Program are exempt from all three placement tests.

How to Take Placement Test
Students may choose to take their placement test on-campus or online! Choose from one of our pre-scheduled, on-campus placement events or take the test online from home. Online placement testing requires a webcam, microphone and testing fee.

Visit to schedule your placement test today.

Questions about placement testing? Contact (201) 761-6038.