Student Involvement

Peacock Connect

nacy peacock connect

PeacockConnect is our online engagement platform that allows students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to maximize their campus experience by providing greater access to student organizations, leadership development programs, general programming and other exciting services.  Our campus users are able to easily access information, submit required forms and applications, and maintain all of their involvement information in their user account.

Log In

Login to PeacockConnect. Enter your Saint Peter’s University network username and password.  Please note, the first time you login you will be asked to complete your user profile.

Join a Group

Users are able to customize their PeacockConnect experience based on their interests. Use the “Organizations” menu to search through the many groups available.  Student organizations, departments, and offices with portals in the system will be available for you to browse here.  Join the groups you are interested in and you will have access to the information each group shares with its members.