Sports Management & Esports Business

Learning Goals & Mission


The mission of the Sports Management Department is to develop dynamic leaders who will be prepared for post-graduate work and professional leadership and service in the field of Sports Management.  As Sports Management leaders, we are dedicated to innovative teaching, meaningful professional and community service, and creative scholarly pursuits.

Learning Goals

  • Expose students to the various careers and fields of Sports Management.
  • Encourage our students to actively pursue academic excellence.
  • Develop the academic and business knowledge and skills that will make our students competitive in seeking employment or establishing careers.
  • Guide students through a series of experiences designed to develop analytic, oral and written communication skills.
  • Expand upon our students’ ability to problem solve and develop ethical solutions when facing pluralistic modern-day challenges.
  • Utilize information technology, scientific literature and research skills to assimilate an emerging body of knowledge.
  • Integrate theory and practice through selected internships projects and field experiences.
  • Provide students with a foundation for graduate and professional certifications and career advancement.

Program Objectives in Terms of Desired Student Outcomes

  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • Apply creative problem solving techniques.
  • Incorporate ethical and legal concepts when developing programming and providing services.
  • Demonstrate effective written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • Acquire business and academic leadership skills in order to optimally serve as a Sports Management professional.
  • Exhibit technology-based communication and teaching skills.