Sports Management



SM-228. Introduction to Sports Management. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to help participants gain an indepth understanding of the fundamental principles and key skills associated with sports administration and management.

SM-250. Sports Communication. 3 Credits.

Media and public relations strategies in the sports industry are reviewed. Exposure to the use of web publications/multimedia and development. Prerequisites: SM-228.

SM-251. Finance in the Sports Industry. 3 Credits.

Managerial control in sports organizations is studied. Prerequisites: SM-228 AC-151 EC-101.

SM-295. Co-Op. 3 Credits.

SM-310. Sports Law. 3 Credits.

Sports law covers the legal issues at work in the world of both amateur and professional sports. Topics include labor issues, antitrust, tort Law and the business and academic aspects of sports law. Prerequisites: BA-228.

SM-350. Sport Facility Operation and Event Management. 3 Credits.

Planning, Organization and Operation of Sport Facilities and management of events. Prerequisites: SM-228.

SM-410. Legal and Ethical Issues in Sports. 3 Credits.

A hybrid values course that includes topics in policy development, labor movement in sports, collective bargaining in sports organizations, ethical dilemmas and implications. Prerequisites: SM-228.

SM-450. The Global Sports Industry. 3 Credits.

The history and issues in sports from a global perspective. A pluralistic lens is used to explore the relationship of gender, culture, and social institutions on sports. Prerequisites: SM-228.

SM-499. Internship. 3 Credits.

Field work experience in the areas of Sports Management and/or Health & Physical Education.