Sports Management & Esports Business


Dr. John “Jack” Hampton, Director of the Sports Management Program

Degree of Bachelor of Science Required Çourses

University Core Courses 48 credits
AR-127 or AR 128 Visual Arts or Music
CM-120 English Composition
English Literature Course #1
English Literature Course #2
HS-121 The Western Tradition
HS-200 World Perspectives
MA-106 Probability and Statistics
Modern Language
Social Science #1 (EC, PO, SO, UR, or CJ)
Social Science #2 (EC, PO, SO, UR, or CJ)
Natural Science #1 (BI, CH, CS, PC, PS, NS, EV)
Natural Science #2 (BI, CH, CS, PC, PS, NS, EV)
PL-130 Intro to Philosophy
PL-140 Intro to Ethics
TH-110 Religious Faith Modern World
TH-120 Introduction to Christianity
Business Core Courses 21 credits
AC-151. Accounting
BA-151. Principles of Management
BA-155. Principles of Marketing
FN-401. Corporate Finance
EC-102. Microeconomics
BL-161. Law & Contracts
BA-315. Bus Communication
Sports Management Courses 9 credits
SM-228. Foundations of Sports Mgmt
SM-251. Finance in the Sports Industry
SM-350. Sports Facility/Event Mgmt
Electives (Recommended, not required) 42 credits
SM-498. Internship 1
SM-499. Internship 2
EC-101. Macroeconomics
PS-445. Sport Psychology
SO-256. Sociology of Sports
CU-340. Sports Writing
PE-103. Foundations of Physical Ed
PE-202. Fundamentals of Coaching
Total 120 credits

Minor in Sports Management

Take two business administration (BA) courses plus any four Sports Management (SM) courses.

Esports Business Specialization

Take three of the following:
SM-150 History, Culture, and Business of Esports
SM-255 Esports Branding and Marketing
SM-285 Management and Leadership in the Esports Ecosystem
SM-385 Esports Sales, Sponsorship, and Revenue Development
SM-395 Esports Events Planning and Management