Student & Faculty Research

Philosophy Honors Theses

Nicole Font ’20, “An Analysis of The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan and Tempest through the Triad of Experience, Observation, and Imagination,” with Dr. Lisa O’Neill Sanders

Alexis O’Callahan ’19, “Why ‘Save the Whales?’: A Philosophical Examination of the Justifications of Conservation Biology,” with Dr. Peter Cvek

John Holoduek, Jr. ’12, “The Philosophy of Neoplatonism & Its Effects on the Thought of St. Augustine of Hippo,” with Dr. Peter Cvek

Daniel Shea ’09, “The Gadfly,” with Dr. Lisa O’Neill Sanders

Charles S. Lassiter ’03, “Dewey and James on Art and Aesthetic Experience,” with Dr. William Evans

Amy Wood ’03, “Ethical News of ‘Infotainment’?: Imagery, Selection and the Quest for Profit in Television News,” with Dr. Lisa O’Neill Sanders and Dr. John Fortunato of the University of Texas, Austin

Joseph A. O’Brien ’01, “A Critical Discussion of the Philosophical Implication of Cultivating Stillness,” with Dr. Peter Cvek

Faculty Research