Facilities & Resources


The O’Toole Library is the university library on the Jersey City campus. Students can utilize its collections and numerous databases for their research. There is even a curated Philosophy reference guide. In addition, students should look into the library’s Reciprocal Borrowing program in order to gain access to the many university libraries, historical societies, and museums in the NJ-NY metro area at their disposal.

Career Paths

Students interested in applying for graduate school can get assistance with applications, scholarships, and fellowships; students can talk to their academic advisors and should inquire about testing, admissions, and application deadlines.

Along with careers in academia, there are many other directions in which you can take your Philosophy degree. Studies show employers are looking for graduates who have the skills essential to a degree in the liberal arts and humanities:  critical thinking, extensive writing, and in-depth research. For more information on what you can do with your Philosophy degree or to learn more about Philosophy as a discipline and a profession, please visit the American Philosophical Association website, or check out their undergraduate resource page.