Modern & Classical Languages

Faculty & Administration

Saint Peter’s faculty members are scholars and expert teachers. They are interested in preparing students for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service in a global society.

Full-Time Faculty

    • photo of Kristina Chew

      Mark DeStephano, S.J.

      Chair & Professor of Modern and Classical Languages
      Director of Asian Studies

      B.A., Fordham; M. Div., S.T.B., S.T. L., Th.M., Toronto; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard.
      Office: Hilsdorf Hall Rm 201
      Phone: (201) 761-6230

      Prof. DeStephano’s Biography

    • photo of Kristina Chew

      Kristina Chew

      Associate Professor of Classics
      B.A., Princeton; Ph.D., Yale.
      Office: Hilsdorf Hall Rm 203
      Phone: (201) 761-6295

    • photo of Kristina Chew

      Maria Luisa Graziano

      Associate Professor of Italian
      B.A., Naples; M.A., Ph.D.; Columbia.
      Office: Hilsdorf Hall Rm 201
      Phone: (201) 761-7458

    • photo of Kristina Chew

      Patricia Santoro

      Associate Professor of Spanish
      B.A. Georgian Court College; M.A. Middlebury College; Ph.D., Rutgers.
      Office: Hilsdorf Hall Rm 201
      Phone: (201) 761-6234

Adjunct Faculty

    • Anthonty Aracich, S.J., M.A.

    • Dana Callan-Farley, ABD

    • Orlando Garcia, M.A.

    • Lan Jiang, Ph.D

    • Nelda Nelson-Eaton, Ph.D.

    • Maria Nolfo, M.A.

    • Ayako Sairenji, ABD

    • Sally V. Sancho, M.A.

    • Robert Sciarrone, ABD.

    • Marianne Sweeney, M.A.

    • J. Frank Thomson, M. Ed.

    • Ingrid Torres, M.A.

    • Edna Zalenski, M. Ed.


  • Gerry Price