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Recent Scholarly Work of Rev. Mark DeStephano, S.J.

Rev. Mark DeStephano, S.J., chairman and professor in the Department of Modern & Classical Languages and director of the Asian studies program has recently been engaged in a number of scholarly activities. Returning as the keynote speaker for the second year, Fr. DeStephano delivered a paper, “Body Studies: Why the Controversy and What Is at […]

Fr. DeStephano Appears on Caucus NJ with Steve Adubato

Rev. Mark DeStephano, S.J., professor of modern and classical languages at Saint Peter’s University, participated in a one-on-one with interview with Steve Adubato for the PBS series Caucus New Jersey. Fr. DeStephano discussed Pope Francis being named TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year 2013 and his impact on the Catholic Church thus far. The entire segment can be […]

Professor Publishes Article on Lent in The Guardian

Kristina Chew, Ph.D., associate professor of classics and advisor of special scholarships and graduate studies at Saint Peter’s University, had an article published in the British newspaper The Guardian on March 20. In “Is Lent Becoming Too Commercialized?,” Dr. Chew discusses the commercialization of Lent by certain members of society for objectives other than religious […]


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