Learning Goals & Mission

Mission Statement

Consonant with the mission of Saint Peter’s University the Department of History seeks to develop the whole person in preparation for a lifetime of learning, leadership and service in a diverse and global society. The study of history supports the mission of the University by preparing students to participate knowledgeably in this society by exposing them to the myriad and varying cultures of the human past. The methods, content and values of the discipline of history will foster in students a spirit of inquiry and the ability to think critically. An emphasis on clarity in oral and written communications will help prepare students for success in any future endeavors.

Student Learning Goals

  1. Majors should gain an understanding of various historical themes including non-Western ones to give them some exposure to the broad scope of history.
  2. Underclass students should develop the ability to do historical research, write with clarity on historical matters and effectively communicate their ideas orally. Such activities would enable students to reach more effectively their educational goals and prepare them for lifelong learning.
  3. The Tuleja Seminar, the History Department’s Capstone course, provides seniors with the opportunity to do extensive independent research, develop greater academic self-discipline and refine the skills they have been acquiring in their underclass years.
  4. To prepare students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for careers in history and education, and participation in and service to the community.