Economics and Finance

Our Alumni

Graduates of the Economics Department are helping to build its reputation through their own accomplishments in industry and academia. The best way to learn the value of a Saint Peter’s Jesuit education is from those who have experienced it. Here’s some information about a few recent grads:

Manisha Sabbat

Manisha Sabat

I have taken several Finance and Economy classes in undergraduate and graduate levels.  The advantage of smaller classes helped me project my concerns or questions to the professors proficiently.  The Professor knew each and every student in all the classes as we participated in projects or assignments in smaller groups and were able to share our ideas.  We always had been given lot of assignments or problems as homework as this helped me learn immensely in all my classes.  I am currently working as a Business Analyst for the Protech Company that works for the State of Delaware and I think that the things I have learned in my classes and the techniques used to understand the concepts were utilized in the same manner in my work environment.
MBA in Finance/MS Accounting; Bachelor of Science in Accounting/Minor in Finance

Glo-Ann Vidal Lee

I was very fortunate to experience the Saint Peter’s College Jesuit education.  This was evidenced in the Seminar in Finance class taught by Dr. Matthew Fung in 2008.  He exemplifies an ideal educator who impressed me with his thorough preparation of his lectures and substantial knowledge of the subject matter.  He was respectful of his students and steadfast in his commitment to impart a quality education.  The course enhanced my ability to analyze financial ratios and theories and to think critically, both of which proved to be value added tools in my profession.  The cases that involved business ethics opened my eyes to the big social responsibility that we are all called to respond.

I have a fruitful career at New Jersey Transit Corp. for 10 years, working as an Internal Auditor for 5 years and currently, as Principal Budget Analyst for the past 5 years.

Brandon Blum

Major:  Economics
After Graduation:  Employed at Infinium Capital Management in Chicago

Saugat J. Karki

Major: Economics (Minors: Accounting and Math)
After Graduation: Financial Analyst for Goldman Sachs

Nicole Onello

Major:  Economics
After Graduation:  Employed at Goldman Sachs

Zain Sayed

Major:  Economics
After Graduation:  Attending Washington University in St. Louis, School of Law, Class of 2014 (J.D.)