Economics and Finance

Learning Goals & Mission

The mission of the Department for Economics & Finance is to develop, deliver and oversee comprehensive undergraduate curricula in economics and finance that effectively foster knowledge, analytical skills and creativity, that expose students to multiple viewpoints and issues, and that help them prepare for graduate study and a diversity of occupations and responsibilities. In parallel with the mission of Saint Peter’s University, the Economics & Finance Department seeks to develop the whole person in preparation for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service to others in a diverse and global society. The study of economics extends the university’s mission by preparing students to be knowledgeable in economic systems and societal choices as it relates to the scarcity of economic resources.

More specifically, the department seeks to:

  1. Provide students the underlying foundation for studying and applying the theories, principles, and techniques of the disciplines of economics and finance in a critical manner of thinking.
  2. Provide students with an appreciation of disciplined thought and open inquiry and the ability to relate and apply them to today’s economic and financial issues and problems.
  3. Enhance students’ understanding of the sources and uses of data, quantitative analysis, and the scientific method as it applies to economics and finance.
  4. Improve students’ understanding of the global economy and financial markets.
  5. Prepare students for graduate study in economics and finance or in related fields of business, law and public policy, or for entry level positions in economics and finance in the private or public sector.