Computer and Information Sciences

Our Alumni

Graduates of the Computer and Information Sciences Department are helping to build its reputation through their accomplishments in industry and academia. The best way to learn the value of a Saint Peter’s Jesuit education is from those who have experienced it.

Mark Wilson  ‘15

My experience in the Saint Peter’s University Computer Science Program was second to none. The classes were very informative and the learning which took place allows me to confidently pursue future goals and feel confident going into new challenges. In addition, all of the professors were very knowledgeable on the topics they were teaching and were able and willing to assist in any situations whenever possible. During the Spring of my sophomore year, I had an internship through Saint Peter’s which allowed me to take what I had been learning in the classroom and transfer it into real-life scenarios. This internship, which was was targeted on assessing the IT department of Catholic Charities based in Paterson, NJ and develop a strategic plan in order to help them understand the position in which their IT department was in. In addition, a flow chart was created in order to provide a visual representation of our suggestions moving forward and what we thought would be the most critical areas of improvement. Overall, my four years in the Computer Science program has allowed me to understand the essence of Computer Science and has given me a great background which will help me to pursue a Masters’ Degree in Cybersecurity.

Ismaila Pasquier-Gueye ’13

I enjoyed my time studying Computer Science at Saint Peter’s University, from the courses that I attended to the projects that I participated in and the teamwork with students in between. Not only were my professors and academic adviser extremely helpful, but they also encouraged creativity throughout my time there and it is thanks to them that I am working in information technology today. Their guidance and ongoing support helped me to first obtain experience in technology support through an internship and later land my first job outside of college as an entry-level IT professional. The best thing about studying Computer Science at Saint Peter’s was the availability of the professors and knowing that someone was always there if you ever needed help.