BA-151. Principles of Management. 3 Credits.

An analysis of the management process. Introductory course in management.

BA-155. Principles of Marketing. 3 Credits.

Business activities involved in the flow of goods and services from production to consumption.

BA-172. Principles of Salesmanship. 3 Credits.

Course focus is on the information, skills, and activities necessary for success as a professional salesperson including establishing and maintaining customer rapport and negotiating the sale. Explores the underlying relationship between being personally motivated to succeed and its impact on sales performance, including the motivational factors required to balance the demands of new and existing clients. Ethical principles and concepts are integrated.

BA-214. Corporate Analysis. 3 Credits.

This course equips participants with analytical skills to critically evaluate publicly traded companies. It includes written analysis of companies and the oral presentation of the results to a panel of industry experts. Students registered for this course may also take part in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) global challenge. Prerequisites: BA-151, BA-155, AND MA-212.

BA-217. Planning and Finance for Nonprofits. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on management and financial issues in the nonprofit sector, including healthcare, education, government agencies and foundations, with a special focus on the arts and cultural sector. Through a combination of lecture, case study and practicum, students will learn the managerial dimension of this sector. The course includes an overview of nonprofit planning, control methods, funding, stakeholder communications, endowment management, credit analysis, governance issues, industry trends, advisory board issues, and philanthropy.

BA-218. Media Business. 3 Credits.

An examination of media as a profit-making industry. The roles of sales, advertising and investors are viewed, as are trends of corporate media and entrepreneurship. Public relations and ethics are introduced. Prerequisites: CM-115 CM-116 OR CM-120.

BA-230. Marketing for Artists. 3 Credits.

Making art is the fun part. Now you have to get your work out there! Not sure how to market your art? This course in Marketing for Artists will show students tips and tools to help them learn how to promote themselves as an artist. Art marketing is a key part of being an artist. This course will cover building an online portfolio, writing an Artist Statement, social media best practices, SEO (search), and other essential marketing tools to promote yourself in the art world. Virtual galleries, changes in new media and how that impacts artist and Gallery relationships. What do you do when you get the sale? We will discuss contracts, price lists, and how artists can protect themselves legally. We will also have guest speakers for the class to hear from other professionals.

BA-231. Business Sustainability. 3 Credits.

This introductory course aims to help participants deepen their knowledge of integrating sustainability into business practices, operations and policies. The course will also explore the major sustainability issues and trends that foster organizational resiliency over time and in addition examine the best practices that lead to economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability. Prerequisites: BA-151 AND BA-155.

BA-240. Organizational Behavior. 3 Credits.

Interdisciplinary study of interactions between individuals and groups within organizations. Prerequisites: BA-151 BA-155.

BA-242. Sales Management. 3 Credits.

Organization and administration of the sales function with emphasis on the human factors. Prerequisites: BA-151 BA-155.

BA-245. Customer Service. 3 Credits.

Marketing techniques and procedures used by organizations to achieve and measure customer satisfaction - an essential in a competitive era. Prerequisites: BA-151 AND BA-155.

BA-246. Export Management. 3 Credits.

Research and studies in foreign markets to locate and develop export business, including payment systems, transportation, and logistics. Prerequisites: BA-151 AND BA-155; Course Type(s): Pluralism,Core curriculum course.

BA-247. Marketing Communications and Branding. 3 Credits.

This course is designed as an exploration of the history, development and current strategies, tactics and technologies of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and branding. Using major communication theories, students will explore integrating the practices of marketing, advertising, public relations, publicity, special events, promotions, and a variety of promotional activities in a changing world of new relationships with consumers and new media technologies. Prerequisites: BA-151 BA-155 CM-115 CM-117 OR CM-120.

BA-248. International Business and the Global Marketplace. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on explorng terminology, scope, status and evolving patterns of international business. Specifically, the course addresses the role of social, cultural, political, ethical, technological, environmental and economic factors in the international context; the impact of global forces on businesses at home and abroad; role of governments in promoting and protecting business interests at home and abroad; role of international agencies in the functioning of business; and the interlink between managerial, operational, marketing, and financial functions in doing business abroad.

BA-249. Sports and Entertainment Marketing. 3 Credits.

Analysis of strategic marketing processes in the spectator events industry with emphasis on consumers, suppliers, and owners. Prerequisites: BA-151 BA-155.

BA-250. Consumer Behavior. 3 Credits.

An interdisciplinary approach to the study of marketing with the focus on consumers. Prerequisites: BA-151 BA-155.

BA-282. Leadership. 3 Credits.

An examination of the foundations of leadership by major theorists. Current and emerging leadership models will be studied in the context of the business environment. Prerequisites: BA-240.

BA-287. Introduction to Business Analytics. 3 Credits.

This course introduces students to some of the tools that businesses use to optimize their activities. Students will among others, learn how to use Excel Solver, POM QM and also conduct spreadsheet sensitivity analysis. Prerequisites: BA-240 BA-246 OR BA-250 OR AN EQUIVALENT COURSE APPROVED BY INSTRUCTOR.

BA-295. Credited Internships. 3 Credits.

BA-315. Business and Professional Communication. 3 Credits.

How to communicate in various channels necessary for the efficient functioning of groups and organizations. This includes writing for all forms of print and online, as well as, understanding interpersonal interaction and group dynamics that support and promote effective teamwork. Prerequisites: CM-115 CM-117 OR CM-120; Course Type(s): Writing Intensive,Core curriculum course.

BA-319. International Marketing. 3 Credits.

Marketing activities involved in successful international business operations. Emphasis on the application of marketing principles to the international environment. Prerequisites: BA-240 BA-250 OR BA-248 OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR; Course Type(s): Pluralism,Core curriculum course,Senior Seminar.

BA-322. Corporate Situational Analysis and Problem Solving. 3 Credits.

This is an advanced course and involves a student application and competitive selection process. The course focuses on the analysis of complex business problems and their causes, inter-functional implications and development of recommended solutions. These problems encompass a wide range of business disciplines including finance, marketing, public relations, and operations. Extensive use of the case method is used to illuminate key learning points. Students will learn and apply research, decision making and problem solving skills.

BA-325. Ethics: Business and Economic Community. 3 Credits.

An investigation of the responsibilities of management, ranging over problems encountered by both public and private, multinational and local concerns. Prerequisites: BA-240 BA-246 BA-248 OR BA-250; ONE SEQUENCE: PL-130 PL-140 OR 2 COURSES FROM TH: Course Type(s): Values,Writing Intensive,Core curriculum course.

BA-327. Digital and Social Media Marketing. 3 Credits.

This course introduces students to the current thinking, practice and developments in digital and social media marketing, including: Social media marketing for B2C, B2B, not-for-profits, Internet marketing, online PR and reputation management, and mobile marketing. Prerequisites: CM-115 CM-117 OR CM-120.

BA-330. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. 3 Credits.

This course focuses on the nature, cause, progression and resolution of conflicts and disputes. Particular emphasis will be placed on disputes involving commercial issues and businesses. Students will gain knowledge and apply techniques to facilitate, mediate and successfully resolve disputes over a range of situations. Methods of conflict de-escalation and pursuit of settlement through negotiation will be learned and applied. Prerequisites: BA-240 OR BL-161.

BA-335. Latino Marketing Communication Culture. 3 Credits.

An in-depth, critical examination of marketing and communication strategies in the Latino community. THe course invites students to explore what the terms Latino and Latino culture mean, question their saliency, and to weight the implications that marketing and communication campaigns can have on consumption patterns, entrepreneurship, organizations, and Latino identity. Prerequisites: BA-155 OR LS-101 OR SO-121 OR EC-101; OR PERMISSION OF INSTRUCTOR. Course Type(s): Pluralism,Core curriculum course.

BA-340. E-Business. 3 Credits.

Examines new models, themes, and examples for describing electronic commerce and its impact on business and society. Prerequisites: BA-240 BA-246 OR BA-250.

BA-343. Human Resource Management. 3 Credits.

Human resource management and personnel administration. Prerequisites: BA-151 AND BA-155.

BA-347. International Management. 3 Credits.

Examination of global business and the multinational corporation. Analysis and development of management strategies within the context of the political, legal, cultural and socioeconomic environment of the host nations. Prerequisites: BA-240 BA-246 BA-248 OR BA-250; Course Type(s): Pluralism,Core curriculum course,Senior Seminar.

BA-350. Operations and Logistics Management. 3 Credits.

A survey of the various operations required to produce goods and services. Prerequisites: BA-240 BA-246 OR BA-250 MA-105 MA-106.

BA-351. Marketing Research. 3 Credits.

Basic methods and tools utilized in gathering and analysis of supportive marketing data for executive decision making. Prerequisites: BA-250 EC-300; Course Type(s): Senior Seminar.

BA-355. Video Storytelling. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to introduce video storytelling, shooting and editing techniques for multi-platform environments in journalism, public relations, advertising and marketing. The course will teach students to recognize and understand the technical and aesthetic aspects of visual storytelling, and how to produce narratives using a combination of still images, video, ambient sound, interviews and graphics. Prerequisites: CM-115 CM-117 OR CM-120.

BA-360. Public Relations. 3 Credits.

Influencing public opinion is the major goal of public relations activities. This course examines the roles of opinion research, press agentry, product promotion, publicity, lobbying, public affairs, fund-raising and special events management in creating a favorable image for a client. Writing skills are emphasized. Prerequisites: CM-115 CM-117 OR CM-120.

BA-363. Entrepreneurship: Creativity and Innovation. 3 Credits.

Challenges and problems in managing small businesses. Techniques of planning, obtaining funding for, and operating new and/or existing business ventures. Prerequisites: BA-240 OR BA-246 OR BA-250.

BA-381. Business Ethics and Legal Liability. 3 Credits.

This course provides an understanding of the legal and other exposures that confront organizations that fail to operate in a framework of honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior. It assists students to understand exposures in contracts and relationships with employees and third parties. It examines ethical behavior in business settings and shows the financial and other benefits to encouraging integrity across the enterprise. Uses case studies and exercises to illustrate concepts. Prerequisites: ONE SEQUENCE: PL-130 PL-140 OR 2 COURSES FROM TH: Course Type(s): Values,Core curriculum course.

BA-382. Insurance and Risk Management. 3 Credits.

This course covers hazard risk and insurable exposures and techniques to mitigate them. It begins with the nature of risk. Then it examines avoidance, retention, reduction and transfer of risks. Topics include property, employer and general liability, homeowners and automobile coverages, the role of the modern risk manager.

BA-383. Enterprise-Wide Risk Management. 3 Credits.

This course covers the management of business and operational exposures in a framework of enterprise risk management (ERM). It examines the scope of risk management, the importance of risk identification, and the alignment of risk categories with the corporate business mode. It addresses functional, business unit, and key initiative exposures and the hierarchical structure to effectively manage the exposures. Prerequisites: AC-152 BL-161 EC-102 BA-319 BA-347 OR BA-351.

BA-384. Sarbanes Oxley Compliance. 3 Credits.

This course covers the requirements under the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation to increase the reliability of financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It covers the Public Accounting Oversight Board, parties regulated by the Act, policies mandated for public auditing firms, and the role external auditors. A major focus of the course deals dealing with the securities acts, audit and non-audit services, the role of the board of directors, and penalties for violations of securities and other laws.

BA-388. Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Visualization. 3 Credits.

In this course students are introduced to a variety of techniques including predictive modeling, data mining, and data visualization to analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future business events. Students will, among others, learn how to improve their decision-making skills by boosting their visual thinking in this course. Prerequisites: BA-287.

BA-394. Industry Internship. 3 Credits.

This field-work course involves the application of knowledge emphasizing the synthesis of business analytics theories and skills with industry experience. Students will work with actual businesses for practical experience. Seminars will be held and an evaluation paper required. Prerequisites: BA-287.

BA-414. Predictive Modeling. 3 Credits.

The course will introduce the student to higher level techniques of predictive modeling and analytics in a data-rich business environment. It covers the process of formulating business objectives, data selection, preparation, and partition to successfully design, build, evaluate and implement predictive models or a variety of practical business applications. It is a practice-oriented course will focus on applying data analytic tools to help companies answer critical business questions. Prerequisites: BA-287.

BA-421. Doing Business Overseas. 3 Credits.

This course is designed to expose students to the global business and legal environment through short-term study visits to selected overseas countries. The aim is to help participants develop a better and more practical understanding of the political, economic, legal and cultural environments of the countries visited. Possible additional nominal course fee required. Additional course fee of $50. Course Type(s): International (Travel),Pluralism.

BA-458. Business Strategy. 3 Credits.

In this class students learn and practice how to craft, implement and evaluate cross-functional decisions in an integrated fashion. They develop their strategic management skills through a series of business strategy simulation games. As part of a management team, they "own" a business and play the role of managers who develop policies and plans to achieve organizational objectives. Prerequisites: AC-152 BL-161 EC-102 AND EC-300; Course Type(s): Capstone.

BA-465. Executive Seminar. 3 Credits.

An examination of contemporary management issues conducted by senior decision makers from both private and public sectors. Open by invitation only to Honors students and other qualified advanced undergraduates. Additional course fee of $45.

BA-496. Seminar in Business Administration. 3 Credits.

This professional consultancy capstone course helps students to integrate and apply concepts, skills and techniques acquired in previous courses. The course requires deep student engagement, team collaboration and problem solving. This will be achieved by engaging with actual small/mid-size businesses. Participants will plan, execute and report findings of a consulting engagement with an assigned local business. Additional course fee of $45. Prerequisites: BA-458, AND EITHER FN-401 OR FN-415; Course Type(s): Capstone.

BA-499. Business Internship Experience. 3 Credits.

This course is for upper level students, and involves an experiential learning component. Students must have an approved internship during the semester of enrollment and must work at least 10 hours per week in order to be eligible to register. Course content focuses on development of crucial soft skills, like interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership, negotiation in the context of a job or internship as well as application of business knowledge to situations, experiences, problem-solving and adapting to the work environment. Prerequisites: BA-151, BA-155, AND JUNIOR STATUS.