Honors Program

Student & Faculty Research

Honors Physics students Prajwal Niraula ’15 and Sabin Pradhan ’16 were featured in the Spring 2015 issue of The SPS Observer, the magazine of the Society of Physics Students, for their “Building Blocks” article that focuses on their oil spill research.

The following student Honors theses were published in academic journals:

  • Holoduek, John C. “The Philosophy of Neoplatonism and Its Effects on the Thought of St. Augustine of Hippo.” In Dialogue, edited by David Gibson, 136-157. Malibu, CA: Pepperdine University, April 2013.
  • Ensor, K.M. & Hamilton, M. (2014). Effect of Distinctive Frames on Memory for Pictures. Empirical Studies of the Arts, 32(2), 121-131. doi: 10.2190/EM.32.2.EOV.6

Faculty Publications

Saint Peter’s professors worked with Honors Program research assistants on the following publications:

Stephanie Bryan, PhD, and Genevieve Pinto Zipp, PT, EdD – The Effect of Mindfulness Meditation Techniques During Yoga and Cycling

WeiDong Zhu and Prajwal Niraula ’15 – The missing modes of self-organization in cathode boundary layer discharge in xenon

W. Zhu, P. Niraula, P.G.C. Almeida, M.S. Benilov, and D.F.N. Santos – Self-organization in dc glow microdischarges in krypton: modelling and experiments

Katherine Safford-Ramus/Amelia Rotondo ’12 – A Review and Summary of Research on Adult Mathematics Education in North America (2000-2012)

Dr. Alexander Mirescu/Karla Mendez ’12 – Deepening a U.N. Partnership

Dr. Eugenia Palmegiano/Nicholas Lambrianou ’12 – Investigating the 19th Century Press

For a video montage of Honors seniors presenting their theses, check out YouTube!

A selection of senior Honors theses may be found on the Library’s DSpace database.

Spring 2017 Honors Thesis Presentations

All sessions will be held in the Degnan Room of Saint Peter’s Hall, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Shereen Abdeljaber
Advisor: Dr. Jacobson
Title: Warm Fuzzies: Responding to Observations in Elementary Schools in Palestinian Refugee Camps and Occupied Villages

Anyelina Alvarado
Advisor: Dr. Feinberg
Title: Lack of Awareness of Sexual Assault in the Military

Jennifer Alvarez
Advisor: Dr. Royster
Title: The Psychological Effects of Terrorism on Adults

Ashwin Ambi
Advisor: Dr. Traba
Title: Biocompatibility & Characterization of Metal-Free Russian Propolis Ethanol Extracts

Melissa Borja
Advisor: Dr. Feinberg
Title: Pleasure in Repulsion

Jessica Carino
Advisor: Prof. Wisneski
Title: Is morality intuitively related to harming/helping?: A replication & extension of Gray et al 2014

Javier Lima-Castro
Advisor: Dr. Pogogeff
Title: The Application & Usefulness of Accounting Games for Students & Others

Brenda Chavez
Advisor: Dr. Hamilton
Title: “Manipulating Conceptual and Perceptual Disfluency in a Classroom Setting.”

Lauren Chukrallah
Advisor: Dr. Twersky
Title: Studies on the effects of selected environmental endocrine disruptors (EEDs) on amphibian development

Amanda Colombo
Advisor: Dr. Brown
Title: Swedish & American Renewable Energy Policies: A Comparative Analysis

Joseph DeLorenzo
Advisor: Prof. Tuncaci
Title: Lessons on Democracy: A Comparative Study of Mexico and Turkey

Karla Erazo
Advisor: Dr. Marcillo
Title: NGO Strategies for Women’s Economic Development: El Salvador’s Ciudad Mujer

Ana Maria Garcia
Advisor: Dr. Marcillo
Title: An Analysis of the Top Ten American companies from the Fortune 500 list: Finding a Correlation between Sustainability and Profitability

Jessica Garrett
Advisor: Dr. Bubka
Title: “Does Color Congruency Facilitate Object Recognition?”

Matthew Hankins
Advisor: Dr. Badiei
Title: Synthesis & Characterization of Ru (1) Carboxamide Compounds & Applications for Catalysis

Norbert Kong
Advisor: Dr. Rafferty
Title: A Sustainable & Socially Inclusive Approach to Community Economic Development

Alexandra LLaguno
Advisor: Dr. Jill Callahan
Title: Synergistic Effects of Chamomile, Ginger & Green Teas as Anti-angiogenic Agents in Chick Embryo Chorioallontoic Membrane

Kimberly Mena
Advisor: Dr. Hamilton
Title: A close examination of the Labor in Vain Effect

Sara Moton
Advisor: Dr. Gilkey
Title: A Study of the Brand Equity of Nike in Relation to Other Sneaker Brands and How Millennials Are Directly Affected By the Theory of Conspicuous Consumption

Summen Mushtaq
Advisor: Dr. Agapito
Title: The singular effects of Bisphenol A & Bisphenol S on lipid deposition

Ondrelique Ouellette
Advisor: Dr. Ngeo
Title: An Analysis of Anti-Asian Sentiment in Saint Peter’s University and Beyond: Historical Origins and Effects on Psychological Health

Meredith Przybocki
Advisor: Dr. Pogogeff
Title: College Career Paths: Choices Affecting Educational Return on Investment

Alejandra Ramos
Advisor: Dr. Wilmanski
Title: Anti-inflammatory Effects of Mastoparan-1 (MP-1) on LPS Stimulated Raw 264.7 Cells

Nicholas Riepe
Advisor: Dr. Gilkey
Title: The Newspaper Problem

Paul Schifilliti
Advisor: Dr. Rafferty
Title: LBO Pricing & Valuations

Shina Shibly
Advisor: Dr. Sanders
Title: NASA mission: Where no one has gone before! Or just forecasting the weather?

Mary Soliman
Advisor: Dr. Sciorra
Title: Antitumor effects of Polibya Paulista Derivative (Mastoparan-1) on Adenocarcinoma Tissue Cell Line, MDA-MB-231

Lisa Thottumari
Advisor: Dr. Twersky
Title: The effects of bisphenol A and alternatives, individually and in combination, on metamorphosis of Xenopus laevis