Honors Program

Student & Faculty Research

Student Publications

Holoduek, John C. “The Philosophy of Neoplatonism and Its Effects on the Thought of St. Augustine of Hippo.” In Dialogue, edited by David Gibson, 136-157. Malibu, CA: Pepperdine University, April 2013.

Publications co-written by students and faculty members

J. Ayala, M. Fine, M. Mendez, A.N. Juarez-Mendoza, J.C. Garcia Rivera, S. Finesurrey, H.T. Villeda, V. Mena, K. Azzam, A. Galletta, A. Houston, V. Jones, and D. Mungo. “Encuentros: Decolonizing the Academy and Mobilizing for Justice,” Qualitative Inquiry, October 2020.

D. Gotshall, P.E. Harris, D. Nelson, M.D. Vega, and C. Voight. “Bin Decompositions,” Evolve, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2019, 503-519.

N. Antonucci, L. Thottumari, M. Verile, C. Mortellaro, F. Raleigh, and L. Twersky. “The effects of bisphenol A and alternatives, individually and in combination, on larval development of Xenopus laevis (clawed frog),” In Vivo, Winter 2019, Vol 40(2).

Y.M. Badiei, Y. Xie, G. Renderos, J.J. Concepcion, D. Szalda, J. Guevara, R. Rosales, E. Ortiz, and M. Hankins. “Rapid identification of homogeneous O2 evolution catalysts and comparative studies of Ru(II)-carboxamides vs. Ru(II)-carboxylates in water-oxidation,” Journal of Catalysts. 2019, 369, 10-20.

Y.M. Badiei, R. Rosales, C. Traba, and C. Vera. “Plasma modified electrodes as a platform for immobilizing water splitting catalysts,” 2018 American Chemical Society, Fall National Meeting, August 2018 Boston.

A. Ambi, N. Parikh, C. Vera, K. Burns, N. Montano, L. Sciorra, J. Epstein, D. Zeng, and C. Traba. “Anti-infection Silver Nanoparticle Immobilized Biomaterials Facilitated by Argon Plasma Grafting Technology,” Biofouling, 34:3; 2018; 273- 286.

J. Ruppert, P. Bartlett, M. Hankins, R. Pereira, and M. Infante. Characterizing the epistemic role of aims in science engagement for socioscientific sustainability. Paper presented at the Annual International Meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Atlanta GA, (2018).

G. Renderos, T. Aquino, K. Gutierrez, and Y.M. Badiei. “Facile method to study catalytic oxygen evolution using a dissolved oxygen optical probe: an undergraduate chemistry laboratory to appreciate artificial photosynthesis,” Journal of Chemical Education 2017 94 (7), 922-927.

W. Zhu and P. Niraula. “The missing modes of self-organization in cathode boundary layer discharge in xenon,” Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 2014, Vol (23)5.

W. Zhu, P. Niraula, P.G.C. Almeida, M.S. Benilov, and D.F.N. Santos. “Self-organization in dc glow microdischarges in krypton: modelling and experiments,” Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 2014, Vol (23)5.

K.M. Ensor and M. Hamilton. “Effect of Distinctive Frames on Memory for Pictures,” Empirical Studies of the Arts, 2014, 32(2), 121-131.

K. Sanfford-Ramus and A. Rotondo. “A Review and Summary of Research on Adult Mathematics Education in North America (2000-2012).

Faculty Publications

Research published by faculty members working with Honors research assistants

Issa, Samar. “Corporate Leverage: Business as Usual and Speculative Cycles” to be presented at the American Economic Association Conference, January 2022. Aided by Oleksiy Polishchuk ’21 and Anton Moore ’21

Hascup, Valera. “The Lived Experience of Incivility Among Nursing Faculty in Academia” to be presented at the New Jersey League of Nursing, March 31, 2021 and Seton Hall’s 33rd Annual Reinkemeyer Research Conference, April 9, 2021. Aided by Alison Makinen ’20

Issa, Samar. “The Lebanese Banking Crisis: Can Islamic Banks Be an Alternative to Overleveraged Conventional Banks?” presented at the Eastern Economics Association Conference, February 27, 2021. Pending future publication. Aided by Anthony Crincoli ’21 and Kagan Shaw ’21

Shaik, Fatima. Economy Hall:  The Hidden History of a Free Black Brotherhood. New Orleans: The Historic New Orleans Collection, 2021. Aided by Kimberly Jaramillo ’20 and Natalie Kita ’21

Walonen, Michael K. “Enrique Mendieta and the Ghosts of Leftism Past: The Aftereffecs of Mexico’s Dirty War in Elmer Mendoza’s Detective Fiction.” In Latin American Perspectives, 2020, Vol 47(6), 77-86. Aided by Maria Laura Pita de Abreu ’21

Walonen, Michael K. “Histories of Resistance, Political Violence, and Revolutionary Possibility in the Neoliberal-Era Naxalite Novel.” In The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, May 2019. Aided by Sara Gonzalez ’20

Walonen, Michael K. “Globalization, Yankee Imperialism, and Machismo in the Mexican Narco-Narrativa.” In Latin American Literary Review, 2019, 46(92). Aided by Sara Gonzalez ’20

Walonen, Michael K. Imagining Neoliberal Globalization in Contemporary World Fiction. Popular Culture and World Politics. Abingdon & New York: Routledge, 2018. Aided by Patrick Caoile ’18

Walonen, Michael K. “Power, Sex, and Detection in Tarun Tejpal’s The Story of My Assassins.” In South Asian Review, November 2018, Vol. 40, 77-86. Aided by Patrick Caoile ’18

Walonen, Michael K. “Violence, Imperialism and Male Socialization in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian and Marlon James’ A Brief History of Seven Killings.” In The Journal of West Indian Literature, November 2018, Vol. 26. No. 2. Aided by Patrick Caoile ’18

Palmegiano, E.M. Perceptions of the Press in Nineteenth-Century British Periodicals: A Bibliography. Anthem Nineteenth-Century Series. London: Anthem Press, 2013. Aided by Nicholas Lambrianou ’13

Senior Theses

A selection of past senior Honors theses may be found in the library’s digital repository.