Honors Program

Learning Goals & Mission


The mission of the Honors Program is to provide an environment of academic excellence for Saint Peter’s University students who demonstrate high potential, and to educate and develop them for a life devoted to learning. The Program seeks to enlist the most highly distinguished and most dedicated faculty at the University to teach in a program committed to the highest standards of academic excellence possible at Saint Peter’s University, and works to provide a framework for curricular innovation and meaningful scholarly activity among both students and faculty. The Program also seeks to enhance the academic image of Saint Peter’s University, attracting and retaining strong students. The mission of the Honors Program is consistent with the mission of the University; in particular, the Honors Program is wholly committed to academic excellence and individual attention.


The Saint Peter’s University Honors Program is committed to providing strong students both classroom experiences, individual advisement and instruction, and group activities which will enable them to:

  1. Challenge themselves to perform well at the highest academic level possible.
  2. Form relationships with other students and mentors who share their interests and dedication to learning.
  3. Learn to work effectively, both cooperatively and independently.
  4. Develop strong communication skills.
  5. Develop strong analytical and research skills.
  6. Prepare for graduate studies in a chosen field.
  7. Commit to a process of lifelong learning.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students who graduate in cursu honorum will demonstrate that they have acquired a well-rounded liberal arts education, after having completed the Saint Peter’s University core curriculum requirements and the requirements of at least one major subject; they will also demonstrate that they excelled in this process.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of methods of research in their major field.
  • Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge of their major field, a high level of analytical and organizational ability, and a preparedness for graduate studies.