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Help forge the future of Big Data.

With the exponential growth of Big Data over the past few years, the need for Data Scientists becomes more and more pronounced and urgent.

Graduate STEM Programs at Saint Peter's UniversityThe Data Science Institute at Saint Peter’s University is training the next generation of Data Science students offering a cutting edge academic program to meet such demands and train the next generation of data scientists. The Institute works closely with industry thought leaders to bring innovative ideas to market.

The Data Science program integrates scientific methods from statistics, computer science and data-based business management to extract knowledge from data and drive decision making. Our curriculum provides students with a rigorous course of study in big data technologies, applications and practices a pathway for student internships and full-time employment. Graduates are prepared to meet the challenges at the intersection between big data, business analytics, and other emerging fields.

In addition to the Masters program, we offer customized certificate and training courses in the field of analytics. One semester preparatory courses are designed for graduate students and tailored for international studies to gain professional industry.

At A Glance
Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Data Science
Course Locations: Jersey City Campus or Online
Program Duration: 36 Credits: A full‐time student taking 24 credits/year should complete in 1.5 years.
Calendar: Trimester (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer)
Course Format: Classes meet in person Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 8:30pm., or can be taken fully online.

Accelerated BS to MS in Data Science Program

You can earn your undergraduate degree and a MS in Data Science in five years through our Accelerated Program.

Data Science is the discipline that integrates scientific methods from statistics, computer science and business management to extract knowledge from data to drive decision making. This program is designed for students with a background in computer science, applied science, business, or economics. For preparedness, students need to be currently enrolled in a BS program.

For more details, see the program description: Accelerated BS to MS in Data Science Program.

Second Degree Guidelines

Students can apply for a second degree program (such as MBA or Business Analytics) once they are about to complete their first degree i.e. during their last trimester if their GPA is also securing min. 3.0. Second degree requires completion of minimum 50% of the curriclum, if there are overlapping courses.