M.S. in Data Science


Graduate Data Science

At A Glance
Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Data Science
Course Locations: Jersey City Campus
Program Duration: 36 Credits: A full‐time student taking 24 credits/year should complete in 1.5 years.
Calendar: Graduate Trimester
Course Format: Classes meet in person Monday to Friday during the evening. Classes are also available in a fully online format.

Master of Science in Data Science

The Master of Science in Data Science, a 36 credit degree program, is intended for students who have completed undergraduate degrees in science, mathematics, computer science or engineering and are interested in pursuing careers in industry-specific analytical fields (e.g. technology, pharmaceutical, research, government, public health, entrepreneurship, finance, business, etc.).

The Data Science degree program uses real-world problems and situations to prepare graduates for roles as strategic thought leaders who leverage predictive modeling to drive decision making. Students will develop in depth understanding of the key technologies in data science and business analytics: data mining, machine learning, visualization techniques, predictive modeling, and statistics.  Students will practice problem analysis and decision-making. Students will gain practical, hands-on experience with statistics programming languages and big data tools through coursework and applied research experiences.

Degree Requirements

The degree requires 36 semester hour credits. A capstone course is required and will be taken the final semester of coursework.

Graduate Internship

As of January 1, 2016, completion of an internship related to Data Science is required for all students except: those who have 3+ years of professional work experience; those with full-time employment during the length of the program; and those who are participating in the exchange program. The graduate internship can start in the first semester of classes. Please consult your program advisor to determine if it is possible to obtain a waiver.

Curriculum – Master of Science in Data Science

Master’s in Data Science

Required Core Courses Course Name Pre-reqs Credits
Introduction to Data Science None 3
Data Analysis and Decision Modeling None 3
Big Data and Data Mangement None 3
Python in Data Science DS-510, DS-520 3
Data Mining DS-510, DS-520 3
Data Visalization DS-510, DS-520 3
Machine Learning DS-510, DS-520, DS 530, DS 542 3
Data Law, Ethics & Bus Intel DS-510, DS-520 3
Capstone: Big Data and Business Analytics DS-620, DS-630 3
Electives – Take 3 of the following Course Name Pre-reqs Credits
Statistical Programming
Data Mining DS-510, DS-520
Financial Computing and Analytics DS-510, DS-520
Big Data Analtics DS-510, DS-520, DS-530
Data Analytics with Qliksense DS-510, DS-520
Predictive Anal & Financ Model DS-510, DS-520
Mrktg Analytic & Oper Research DS-510, DS-520
Data Science and Health DS-510, DS-520
Total Credits

Master’s in Data Science w/ Artificial Intelligence Track

Courses Course Name Pre-reqs Credits
DS-620 Data Visualization DS-510, DS-520 3
DS-640 Predictive Analytics & Financial Modeling DS-510, DS-520 3
DS-687 Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals DS-510, DS-520 3
DS-688 Natural Language Processing DS-510, DS-520, DS 530, DS 542 3

Master`s in Data Science w/Healthcare Track

Courses Course Name Pre-reqs Credits
HL-520 Legal & Ethical Issues in Healthcare 3
DS-690 Data Science and Health DS-510, DS-520 3
HL-530 Cultural Diversity & Disparities in Healthcare DS-510, DS-520 3
DS-691 Healthcare CAHIMS Certification Prep Course DS-510, DS-520 3