M.S. in Data Science

Admission Requirements - M.S. Data Science (Professional Hybrid)

  1. A completed graduate program application.
  2. A Bachelor’s degree conferred by a regionally accredited U.S. institution or the foreign equivalent as determined by an evaluation service accepted by Saint Peter’s University. It is recommended that students have a strong background in science, computer science/programming, mathematics, statistics, applied sciences or quantitative business. Applicants are evaluated on an individual basis and may be required to take needed prerequisite coursework.
  3. Official undergraduate transcript evidencing an earned Bachelor’s degree.
  4. A recommended minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0, with a recommended grade of a B or better in Calculus or equivalent course.
  5. One letter of recommendation from a professor or an employer. (Strongly recommended)
  6. A personal statement describing why the applicant desires this data science degree. The statement should demonstrate:
    • Strong writing skills;
    • An expressed desire to work in the represented field;
    • A strong ability to reason; and
    • Commitment to completing the degree. (Strongly recommended)
  7. Resume of professional work experience

Admission requirements for international students can be found by visiting saintpeters.edu/international. Unlike many programs at other universities, our Data Science Graduate Program is on the STEM list. International students may be eligible for a 36-month OPT upon approval.

All Documents Should be Sent to:

Saint Peter’s University
Attn: Graduate and International Admissions
2641 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Please feel free to call the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies Admission at (201) 761-6470 with any questions.

Transfer Credit

A maximum of six (6) graduate credits of equivalent course work may be transferred from other accredited universities. A minimum grade of 3.0 (B) is required in such courses. Transfer credit is granted by petition to and approval by the coordinator of the Data Science Graduate Program. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the petition and justify the acceptance of the courses. The Data Science Graduate Program coordinator will determine whether the courses are equivalent. Transfer credit is by permission only and not an obligation of the University.