Division of Information Technology

Departmental E­mails Account Policy

The following policy outlines how departmental e­mail accounts get requested and created. Furthermore, it specifies who needs to authorize the creation of the e­mail address, and whether that e­mail address can in turn be used for mass communications to mailing groups.

  1. When a department or a division requests a new e­mail address for their department, whether for general use (ex. department@saintpeters.edu) or for a particular event (ex. event­name@saintpeters.edu) , the actual request must include a written approval by the Vice President leading that department or division. When contacting the IT Service Desk (servicedesk@saintpeters.edu) please include an e­mail from the Vice President approving such request. For example, for all academic departments, the IT Service Desk would need an e­mail from the Provost.
  2. Delegation of these departmental e­mail addresses, or the ability for an individual or a group of people to have access to that e­mail address for sending or receiving e­mails, is granted in writing by the chair or director in charge of that department.
  3. The permission for that e­mail address to send emails to mailing groups, like Class of 2017, AllStudents, Employees, or Community will be granted by the Office of Communications, in particular by Sarah Malinowski ­Ferrary, Executive Director of University Communications. Campus News is currently the preferted clearing channel for mass communications on campus.