Trends in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Panel Discussion – April 19

Blockchain Graphic of Interconnected Computers

How are cryptocurrencies shaping modern business? What challenges need to be overcome for blockchain? What opportunities exist for blockchain and crypto? Which industries will blockchain technology disrupt? What is mining? How does investing in crypto take place? What jobs may come out of the blockchain revolution? What will the next Facebook / Twitter look like? […]

Surge in Cyberattacks Drives Growth in Cybersecurity Insurance

More than 3,000 American businesses were hacked in 2013, many of them small and mid-size firms without cybersecurity insurance. That surge in cyber-attacks as led to a growing cybersecurity industry, with firms offering products and solutions to secure network systems. Insurance companies are also claiming their stake in the booming industry. Today, roughly fifty U.S. companies […]

Online Ads are Attacking You

An especially sneaky type of hack is on the rise. Hackers can infect your computer by piggybacking on Web ads — even on trusted websites.

University Memberships

10/23/14 – Saint Peter’s University is a member of: The National CyberWatch Center. An Information Assurance/Information Security Advanced Technology Education Center of the National Science Foundation. The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG). An industry association focused on unifying the global response to cybercrime. The National Cyber Security Alliance. An organization that educates the digital society to use […]


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