Dr. Maria Calisi, Chairperson

The Department of Theology offers both a major and a minor in Theology.

Requirements for Theology Major

Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Six of the required credits for the major count towards the Core Curriculum Requirements.

TH-110Religious Faith in the Modern World 13
TH-120Introduction to the Study of Christianity 13
TH-300Methods and Sources of Theology3
TH-301Modern Christian Community: The Church3
TH-320Survey of the Old Testament3
TH-330Survey of the New Testament3
TH-350Who Is Jesus Christ?3
TH-495Theology Capstone3
TH-Theology Elective9
Take the following course:3
St. Augustine and The Confessions
Total Credits36

Special Notes on Major Requirements

Requirements for a Minor in Theology

Three credits may be fulfilled in an approved cognate course in another department.

TH-110Religious Faith in the Modern World3
or TH-121 Space, Place and the City (Metropolitan Seminar)
TH-120Introduction to the Study of Christianity3
or TH-122 Pilgrimage in the City
TH-Theology electives12
Total Credits18