Student & Faculty Research

Professors and their Research Specializations:

Maria Calisi, Associate Professor, Chairperson
Ph.D., Fordham University
Bonaventure, Trinitarian Theology, Feminist Theology, and Medieval Theology.

Eileen P. Flynn, Professor
Ph.D., Fordham University
Moral Theology, Questions of Applied Ethics

Susan L. Graham, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
History of Biblical Interpretation, History of Christianity (Early, Medieval), Jewish-Christian Relations

Edmund W. Majewski, S.J. Associate Professor
S.T.D., Gregorian (Rome)
Systematic Theology, The Trinity, Christology, St. Augustine

Jose-Luis S. Salazar, S.J. Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Radboud University-Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
Systematics, Theology of Religions, Bernard Lonergan’s Philosophical & Theological Writings