Undergraduate Nursing

RN to BSN Program

The RN to BSN degree program at Saint Peter’s University is designed for registered nurses who hold a nursing diploma or an associate’s degree in nursing from an accredited program. The program prepares students for generalist professional practice and leadership in a variety of settings and can be completed within 21 months.

Application Processing

Applications are processed on a rolling basis. The selection process is completed within one week of Graduate Admissions receipt of all required documentation.

Requirements for Nursing Major

Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nine of the required credits for the major count towards the Core Curriculum Requirements.

The following required courses are typically transferred from pre-licensure program.

PS-151Introduction to Psychology 13
PS-235Life Span Development3
PS-200Statistics & Research Methods (Core Math)3
or SO-448 Statistics in the Social Sciences
BI-161Basic Microbiology4
BI-161LBasic Microbiology Lab0
BI-171Anatomy and Physiology I (Core Natural Science)4
BI-171LAnatomy and Physiology I Lab0
BI-172Anatomy and Physiology II4
BI-172LAnatomy and Physiology II Lab0
SO-121Introduction to Sociology (Core Social Science)3
Transfer credit for lower-division nursing courses30
Upper division nursing courses (31 credits)
NU-302Seminar in Professional Nursing2
NU-303Seminar in APA Writing for Hlth Science2
NU-310Health Assessment4
NU-330Care of Families & Aggregates4
NU-350Trends and Issues in Nursing2
NU-390Intro to Nursing Research3
NU-420Community Health Nursing4
NU-440Leadership and Management in Nursing4
NU-450Nurse/Client Educator (elective)2
NU-452Women's Health Issues (elective)3
NU-495Special Projects in Nursing Rn-Bsn (elective)1
Total Credits87

Special Note on Core Requirements

The Mathematics and Natural Science Core Requirements are satisfied as indicated above. The remainder of the Core Requirements are satisfied by the following courses or transfer credit:

AR-127Intro to the Visual Arts3
or AR-128 Intro to Music
CM-120 (or equivalent English Composition II)3
Take two approved EL courses6
HS-121The Western Tradition3
HS-200World Perspectives3
Modern Language3
PL-130Introduction to Philosophy3
PL-140Introduction to Ethics3
TH-110Religious Faith in the Modern World3
TH-120Intro to the Study of Christianity3
Select one of the following3
Macroeconomic Principles
Perspectives on Politics
Total Credits36

Special Notes on Major Requirements

Clinical Requirements

All clinical requirements must be satisfactorily completed before students will be allowed into any application / observation setting. At present, they include the following but are subject to change depending on regulations mandated by the agencies and/or their accrediting bodies.  All documents must be uploaded into the student's Certified Credentials account.

CCNE accredited

The baccalaureate degree program in nursing/master’s degree program in nursing/Doctor of Nursing Practice program and/or post-graduate APRN certificate program at Saint Peter’s University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (http://www.ccneaccreditation.org).