AskHistorians 2020 Digital Conference

The AskHistorians annual conference starts next week!

AskHistorians 2020 Digital Conference “Business as Unusual: Histories of Ruptures, Chaos, Revolution and Change”

AskHistorians 2020 Digital Conference “Business as Unusual: Histories of Ruptures, Chaos, Revolution and Change.”

Tuesday, September 15 – Thursday, September 17, 2020

AskHistorians has explained their move to a totally digital format this year by saying,

2020 has been a year marked by rapid and continuous change. From the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has cast academic, professional, and personal plans into disarray, to the global and national responses to state oppression, police brutality, and political action, this year has already witnessed the making of a great deal of history. In response to the disruptive nature of these events, the AskHistorians public history forum is hosting our first-ever conference as an online event open to all. The theme, ‘Business as Unusual’, reflects how human history is filled with examples of people struggling to make do under difficult and quickly changing circumstances. It also describes the conference itself: digital in origin, unrestricted, and open to anyone around the world with a passion for history.

​The conference is absolutely free to digital attendees. The panels have been pre-recorded and will be released during the conference for on-demand viewing. The times given for each panel in the schedule of events represent the times set aside for the live Q&A sessions for each panel.

No registration is required to view the panels or attend the live Q&A sessions. Although it is free, registration is required to attend the live keynote, presented by Dr. Alex Wellerstein of the Stephens Institute of Technology.

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