Professor Emeritus Publishes Memoir

A memoir by Dr. Loren Schmidterger, professor emeritus of English, titled The Beginner’s Cow: Memories of a Volga German from Kansas is a collection of essays that recalls his early years on a Kansas farm during the Dust Bowl era. The reader follows Dr. Schmidtberger on his unlikely journey from a Midwestern farm to an […]

Edward Hirsch Speaks about Connecting to Others through Poetry

Edward Hirsch, renowned poet, teacher and scholar visited campus as part of the Valente and Blihar Families Poetry Series on Tuesday, April 4. In his talk titled, “Reading Poetry, Poetry Reading,” Hirsch shared his thoughts on the bonds poetry creates between people and inspired the audience with his personal anecdotes and poetry.

“Rev. Robert McCarty, S.J. a ‘Life in Books and Letters’”

On Thursday, March 30, the English department and The Theresa and Edward O’Toole Library officially opened an exhibit titled “Dr. Robert McCarty, S.J. a ‘Life in Books and Letters’” honoring Fr. McCarty’s four-plus decades of teaching and spiritual counseling at Saint Peter’s. Curated by Librarian and Reference & Exhibits Coordinator Ilona MacNamara, the display highlights […]

Early Exposure to Literary Adaptation: Disney, Dr. Seuss and Beyond

On Thursday, March 23, the English department hosted its annual conference, which this year considered “Adaptations and Influences: Literature’s Relationship with Other Disciplines.” Dr. Scott Stoddart, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, discussed two novels adapted to film in “History Repeats Itself: The Femmes Fatales of Laura and Gone Girl”; Dr. Rachel Wifall […]