Learning Goals & Mission


In accordance with the mission of the University, the mission of the Saint Peter’s University English Department is to develop a lifelong appreciation for literature and for writing as relevant preparation for a life of learning, leadership and service in a diverse and global society.  The study of literature advances the mission of the University by preparing students to be enlightened members of the community and by providing examples of the value of leadership and service.


The achievement of the mission depends on the skills identified as goals by the English Department.  Both the Mission of the University and that of the department inform the Department’s goals.

  1. To instill a lifelong appreciation for literature as an expression of cultural and ethical values.
  2. To foster an appreciation for a variety of cultures and ideas.
  3. To promote critical thinking.
  4. To encourage close and critical reading.
  5. To develop effective writing skills.
  6. To develop clear speaking skills.