M.S. in Finance

M.S. in Finance Theses

The following are the theses completed by our M.S. Finance graduates, separated by year of completion. They represent mastery of our academic program’s curriculum, and feature unique, original research on leading contemporary issues.


AY 2021-2022

Adam Hernandez
An Analysis of History and Value: Bitcoin as a Global Reserve Currency

Ana Pacheco
An Analysis of History and Value: Bitcoin as a Global Reserve Currency

Anton Moore
Assessing the Value of the CFA Designation in the Field of Finance

Emmanuel Jn-Baptiste
Social Security and its Unsustainable Finances will be the Cause of a Financial Crisis

Habib Diongue
The Role Debt Plays in Causing a Recession

Igor Khvorostian
A Reflection on the Ukrainian Crisis and How Western Sanctions Will Impact the Russian Economy

Joe Remache
A New International Monetary system Will Bring Greater Global Financial Stability

Jonathan Rodriguez
COVID-19’s Impact on Income and Affordable Housing in Jersey City, New Jersey

Leandis Cedeno
The Profitability of Microfinance Institutions while Targeting Impoverished Individuals but Remaining Financially Viable

Luis Verduga
Ecuador’s Dollarization will have Negative Effects on its Development Prospects

Maria Terranova
A Valuation of Student Loans: The Barriers and Ramifications on Homeownership Among Young Adults

Oleksiy Polishchuk
The Effectiveness of Sanctions on Russia

Rashmi Gupta
The 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Raxil Jogani
Reliance Stock Price as a Good Indicator of the SENSEX

Sonia Carpio
The Impact of Dollarization on Ecuador’s Economic Performance

Suneha Bamboli
Financial Engineering and Deregulation: The Biggest Causes of Financial Crises

Tiffany Nguyen
One of the Greatest Socio-Financial Innovations in Modern History

AY 2020-2021

Gabriel Alvarado
The United States-China Trade War

Alesia Bisnauth
The Positive Impact of the 2007-08 Financial Crisis on Risk Management in U.S. Financial Institutions

Desiree Holloway
Student Debt in the Millennial Era

Vanessa Landaverde
Understanding the Yield Curve and its Ability to Predict Changes in the Economy

Helena Togias
The Future of the Workforce and The Future of Humanity: Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Gabrielle Bishop
The Role of Credit Ratings Agencies in the Financial Crisis

Sergio Roberto da Souza Jr.
The Efficient Markets Hypothesis and Behavioral Finance-Discussions Persist

Jethro Jn-Baptiste
How Confidence Affects the Investment Decision Relative to Facts

Jean Paul Arzeno Rojas
Brazil Emerging Market: Service Sector

George Kourmousis
Small Businesses vs. Gentrification and Real Estate Development

Jonathan L. Paredes
Determinants of Bond and Equity Yields: An Alternative to Macroeconomic Growth through a Keynesian Perspective

Alexander Tropel
Redesigning Capitalism: Restructuring the United States’ Economic Metric System Best Befitting for Humanity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Automation, and Software

Amaarilis Salvador Vargas
NAFTA versus the USMCA: The Effects on Mexico