M.S. in Finance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the program’s special features?

  • An Innovative Curriculum that best prepares graduates to pass the Leading
    Financial Certification Exams through training in:

    • Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Aspects of Finance
    • Comparative Central Banking
    • Financial Ethics
    • History of Financial Economic Thought
    • Traditional MS Finance Topics of Investment Analysis, Portfolio
      Management, Derivatives, Financial Engineering, and Corporate Finance

      • This balance makes our MS Finance Program unique in the Tri-State Area
  • Opportunity for Mentored Research with Industry Executives
  • Can complete up to 12 credits as an Undergraduate (for Saint Peter’s Accelerated Students Only)
  • Located at the Center of Global Finance
  • Two Different Options
    • Full-Time track completed in 9 months
    • Part-Time track finished in 21 months
  • Personalized Program Completion Plan crafted by the Founding Director
  • All classes taught by Saint Peter’s Prominent Full-Time Faculty
  • Small Class Size

What can I expect from the coursework?

In our MS in Finance program’s coursework, students will be given rigorous training in an array of financial topics increasingly desired by prospective employers and financial certification boards. In addition to gaining expertise ranging from financial modeling to investment analysis and portfolio management to emerging markets, degree candidates are also immersed in macroeconomic aspects of finance, comparative central banking, ethical issues in finance, and the history of the discipline’s thought. Students also have the option of completing a mentored research project overseen by industry executives. In terms of coursework composition, students benefit from a balance between theoretical principles and practical application, with a significant focus on software integration, Bloomberg technologies, and data analytics.

What makes the MS Finance program’s faculty standout?

There are quite a few ways the faculty of Saint Peter’s University’s MS Finance program are unique. First, only the full-time faculty of the Department of Economics and Finance teach in the MS Finance program and we all possess doctoral degrees. This means instruction always comes from experts in our respective fields–something other MS programs can’t always offer. Second, we have all published original research recently, which enables us to bring new academic findings directly into the classroom. In addition, some of our faculty have published on multiple continents, meaning the academic research/classroom instruction linkage is global in reach. Third, we are dedicated to the craft of teaching by making sure each student gets individualized attention while constantly updating our own methods to remain on the cutting edge of education delivery. Fourth, since we are the full-time faculty, we are readily available, frequently on campus, and often hold extended office hours, which allows students to develop strong interpersonal bonds with their educational mentors.

When are applications due?

Coursework operates on an eleven-week trimester basis starting each Fall. Applications are due by August 1.

Are there special admission events?

There are special admission events that occur throughout the year. Please contact the Graduate Office of Admission at gradadmit@saintpeters.edu or 201-761-6470 to inquire about dates, times, and locations.

How can I learn more about the program?

To learn more about the program, you can contact the MS Finance program’s Founding Director, Dr. Devin T. Rafferty at drafferty1@saintpeters.edu or download the MS Finance program’s brochure below.

What is the current tuition?

Each course is three credits and each credit is $1,115 per credit.