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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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The MBA program at Saint Peter’s University develops the complex, interrelated skills that companies seek to remain competitive in today’s complex business world. The various specializations that represent the suite of MBA programs at Saint Peter’s University comprise a series of integrated courses and learning experiences which produces graduates who are technologically savvy, skilled in adapting to change, and focused on business innovation.

MBA program candidates leverage their prior educational experience and professional accomplishments to broaden their intellectual horizons, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

At a Glance

Degree Awarded: Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Concentrations: Business Analytics, Finance, Health Care Administration, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management, Cyber Security, Marketing, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Strategic Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning, Nonprofit Management
Course Locations: Jersey City Campus, Two Off-Site Locations
Program Duration: 36 Credits*: A full-time student taking 18 credits/year should complete in 18 months or less. Trimester schedule with summer term available. *Note: Additional credits may be required upon review of UG Transcript for non business majors.
Calendar: Trimester (11 weeks)
Course Format: Classes meet in person one evening or Saturday each week for 3 hours 25 minutes. Some hybrid/online courses available. The degree cannot be completed 100% online.

Accelerated BS/BSBA to MBA Program

You can earn your undergraduate degree in Business Administration and an MBA in five years through our Accelerated Program.

The Accelerated BS/BSBA to MBA program offer several advantages. The program:

  • Accelerates the attainment of an advanced degree
  • Facilitates seamless transition to a master’s degree
  • Increases students’ marketability in the workforce
  • Saves students time and money

For more details, see the program descriptions:
Accelerated BS to MBA Program
Accelerated BSBA to MBA Program

(See also) Accelerated BS/BSBA to MSA Program

Accelerated BS to MSA Program
Accelerated BSBA to MSA Program

Enterprise Design Thinking Refreshes MBA curriculum

The first year of infusing IBM certifications into the MBA curriculum has been very successful. Enterprise Design Thinking was a new course introduced into the MBA core and students have positive feedback on the course and the industry skillsets and earned digital badge. Enterprise Design Thinking is an organizational approach towards innovation, problem solving, teamwork and decision that leverages collaboration, organizational learning, and team knowledge and insights.

Design Thinking has been praised by Forbes, Harvard Business Review and MIT’s Sloan School as an important tool for innovation across industries. Currently, Joseph Gilkey Jr., Ph.D. and Gulhan Bizel, Ph.D., are the 2 faculty members certified by IBM to teach the course, which leads to an IBM certification and badge. Students taking the class this spring tackled problems, such as using a pod approach to build social engagement and community into fully online degree programs and designing mobile apps for maximizing communication and engagement among graduate students.

Enterprise Design Thinking Refreshes MBA Curriculum

Atiya Easterling, MBA Class of 2022

Atiya Easterling, MBA Class of 2022

“The Enterprise Design Thinking course was such a valuable class offered in the graduate MBA curriculum. Since my employer currently uses enterprise design thinking methodology, it was relevant to my current job and I was able to apply the skills immediately to solve problems. This course challenged my way of thinking and the cohort learning model really helped me understand the importance of problem solving with others, which is more reflective of the what happens in professional decision making today. I had an opportunity to abandon independent thinking, resist the urge to solution before falling in love with the problem, and everything I learned will support my success of my future courses in the MBA program. A special thank you to Dr. Gulhan Bizel, an extraordinary instructor, who was always eloquent challenged us to think differently.”

Ryan Cinelli, MBA Class of 2021

Ryan Cinelli, MBA Class of 2021


“Enterprise Design Thinking exposed me to the process of decision making in a team, while allowing me to step away from my normal commanding leadership style. This course and IBM process worked in tandem to develop interpersonal skills while solving real world problems in our university.”

In addition to the addition of IBM Skills Academy certifications into the curriculum, our graduate programs have built stronger research capabilities, including the establishment of Research Graduate Assistantships for a select group of students. This has led to a number of peer-reviewed publications co-authored by faculty and students on topics ranging from social media analytics and online reputation to trends in retailing in a COVID-19 world. Research teams use data science tools such as data screen scraping, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to create novel methodologies and approaches to the research process.