About Our Website

New Features (c. 2019)

  • Our website uses WordPress, which is known for its ease of use and versatility.
    Our site syndicates data to make it as efficient and accurate as possible.  For example:

    • The Event Calendar will be used to house all events and also to promote these events at the department level.
    • The electronic catalog will enable us to display curricular and course information within department sites.
  • Our site has a responsive design, which will allow the content to adapt to different screen sizes, including tablet and mobile.  (Please bear with us as we tweak certain views to correct known issues.)

Help for Department Editors/Suggestions

If I need help or have a question answered, who do I contact and how long should it take to get a response?
For the time being all editing is being done in the Web department.  All editing requests should be sent to web@saintpeters.edu. We aim to reply to all messages in the same business day. Editing requests generally take 2-5 days depending on the volume of requests we are receiving.

If I have suggestions for the website, who do I send these to?

Events & Room Reservations

Where is the master calendar?

  • The master list of events is found at https://events.saintpeters.edu
  • On the homepage there are also buttons to “See all Events” or “Book an Event.”
  • In addition, on the bottom of our site we have a shortcut under “University Life” for “Events at Saint Peter’s.”

Although internally we may refer to it as the “master calendar” this term isn’t used much by students who are simply looking for events. (Not to mention, a master calendar and master’s degree programs can be somewhat confusing for high school students and search engines.)

How can I add an event to the Event Calendar/ my department’s website?

Our new website is more efficient when it comes to event promotion.  When adding an event to the Event calendar you may assign it to also appear on your department/organization’s website by selecting it on the Event Categorization drop-down menu. This also allows you to Select Multiple if the event is relevant to multiple groups in the same department or co-sponsored by many groups.  (eg. The Society of Accounting Students Speaker series could logically be found on the student organization’s site as well as the Accountancy department.)

How does the new event system work?

It is found at https://www.saintpeters.edu/book-an-event/

  1. Watch the instructional video. It’s important!
  2. Login with your network login to see the form.  Only Saint Peter’s students, faculty, and staff may use the online request system.  (Alumni and guests may call room reservations at 201-761-7414.)
  3. When you use the form to search for rooms it will not offer you rooms which are already reserved.
  4. Once you submit your request you will receive an automated email “confirmation of your request” which summarizes your request and gives you a link you may use to withdraw your request at any time.  This is automated (although it appears to be from Michele Lacey.)
  5. Next, the room manager receives your request and must approve or deny your request. (They must check the old system to honor earlier requests.  Over time this will lessen.).  You will receive an email to notify you of the decision.
  6. Lastly, the calendar manager will get a request to approve your event for the categories you have requested.  This is usually handled by a webmaster who is checking to ensure that your department calendar doesn’t get bombarded with unrelated events.  When the category is approved you will get a third email.

What can I do with the new event system?

You may search for a room, reserve a room, choose a basic maintenance layout, and promote the event on the Saint Peter’s event calendar.  (It does not handle A/V requests, catering, etc. )

Can I reserve a room without adding it to the calendar?

Absolutely.  The last question on the request form asks if you want it to appear on the calendar.

I’m having trouble getting a room.  Who can I contact?

  • Can’t get past the login? Please contact the Service Desk (201-761-7800 servicedesk@saintpeters.edu). You may need to reset your password.
  • If you watched the video but still need help using the form please contact Chris Gonzalez (201-761-7943  cgonzalez5@saintpeters.edu).
  • If the room you searched for does not show up it is likely not available for that date/time.
  • If you’re not sure if you already reserved the room for that date/time please check with the room manager (usually roomreservations@saintpeters.edu or 201-761-7430).

I submitted a request but I need to change something.

Simply find the confirmation email and use the withdraw link to cancel your earlier request.  Then resubmit the form with the new information.


Academic Catalogs

The curriculum and course information within each department comes from the digital course catalog.  The Academic Dean manages the content of the Undergraduate Catalog.