Web Strategies and Communication

Web Strategies and Communication

Our website will never be finished. Never. It’s an exciting, ever-evolving world where we can test the limits of imagination and create something new, share a story, and make life easier for our community.

One part strategy

We oversee the university’s website, creating and publishing content, and identifying ways to keep the site user-friendly and modern. We are responsible for the site’s architecture, navigation flow, analytics, look, quality, and tone.

One part communication

As creative professionals we have a responsibility to tell the Saint Peter’s story. We create multimedia projects and oversee many of the university’s social media channels, including Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, LinkedIn and Vimeo.

Have you seen the the giant LED screen on the Boulevard? That’s our work too.

Whose pixels are these?

We belong to the Enrollment division.

There are some things that are on the web that are not part of our charge. For instance, Blackboard, SPIRIT, and the University’s gmail are all managed by ITS. If you need help with these systems you should contact the servicedesk at (201) 761-7800.

If you believe our website isn’t working properly please notify Web Strategies via email web@saintpeters.edu.  If you have a question or concern about content, please contact us.

The University’s Twitter account is managed by University Communications. They are also the office that sends campus-wide email announcements and covers event photography.

If there are any other pixels in question please contact us and we’ll be happy to direct you to the person who can help.