Your Event at Saint Peter’s University

Your Event at Saint Peter’s University

This guide is intended for faculty and staff of Saint Peter's University.

Members of the public (external events) may refer to the Conference and Event Services website for reservation information.

Step 1: Prepare

Event requests must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance.

Step 2: The Room & Calendar Request Form

New and infrequent users should follow How To Complete an Event Request Form.


Create a new event request

Step 3: Receive Notices


You will receive an email confirming your submission. This is not an approval, but please check the details for accuracy. You can update the request, if needed.


Within 24 hours, you will receive an event approval email, or a request for additional information.

Step 4: Request Catering (Optional)


Need an afternoon snack or menu package? Visit Aramark to place your order! Please ensure that if you’re catering the event, that appropriate tables were requested in your event request or are already fixed in the location of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit separate requests/tickets with IT, facilities, campus safety, or other departments for my event in addition to the event form?

No, the new system has room setups, technology, parking, and other services provided by these departments for events built right in! Catering requests do need to be submitted separately, in addition to any tables being requested for it through the form.

Are all rooms included in the event management system?

Event spaces are included individually and classrooms can be requested by using the “Classroom” location, which will trigger additional approvals to confirm the room is available. Off-campus and virtual events (virtual rooms) can be added to the calendar through the system as well.

After I submit a request how can I edit it?

How To Complete an Event Request Form includes a section on how to modify existing event requests.

Can I submit an incomplete event request and complete it?

Yes, as long as you have the location, time, date, and basic information, you can submit your event request to approve the room and any other details you have at that time. Later, you can return to update the event request, which will be resubmitted for approval of the new details, as long as it’s more than 3 business days prior.

Should my event be public, private, or unlisted?

Events promoted to a wide audience or available to the public should be made public. Unlisted events will not be visible to anyone other than the requestor. Private events at this time are unused and behave like unlisted events, however as our adoption of the platform grows, internal users may have access to private events in the future retroactively, so this option is not recommended for any event.

If I choose to make my event public, where will it appear?

It will become part of the University’s Event Calendar.

What happens if I make my event a featured event?

Upcoming featured events are displayed at the top of all pages within the Event Calendar.

How Do I Ensure There Is Set-Up Time For My Event?

By selecting the location, setup, and features for your event, the setup and breakdown time will be calculated automatically. You also have the option of extending the setup and breakdown time, if necessary.

Does set-up time really matter?

Yes! Start time is for the benefit of your guests while setup time allows the event to be prepared and ready for a smooth start. If the event is public the start time will be promoted.

Room Swapping

Please understand that if a colleague agrees to let you take or swap reservations, you must ask them to update their event request, allow it to be approved, then submit your own. It’s up to you and your colleague to stay in touch and time this so that another party does not submit an event request for the same slot, once opened up. Event requests are approved on a first-come first-serve basis. If the calendar doesn’t properly reflect what’s happening on campus, we are not properly serving our students and guests.

What if my event needs to be on the event calendar, but does not require a room or event service?

If your event is off-campus or will not use a space on campus you may still use the Room & Calendar Request form. When you get to the room section you will be able to specify the location as “Virtual” or “Off Campus”.

Are there any other event guidelines I should know about?

Please refer to the Speaker Expression Policy.