Book an Event

Your Event at Saint Peter’s University

This guide is intended for faculty and staff of Saint Peter's University.

Members of the public may refer to the Conference and Event Services website for reservation information.

Step 1: Prepare

  1. Room Requests must be submitted at least 3 business days in advance, otherwise request cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Input exact start and end time of event. NOTE: Set-up time and teardown time should not be part of your start and end time. 30 minutes will be automatically appended to the start and end of your event for setup and teardown.
  3. Decide how much time is needed for set-up.
  4. Determine a title for the event.
  5. Prepare a well-written description using full sentences and speaking to your audience.
  6. Know the contact information for the event's point person.

Step 2: The Room & Calendar Request Form

New and infrequent users should check out the 3 minute video or review the instruction sheets. There is a learning curve to this form!


Create a New Room & Calendar Request

Step 3: Receive Notices


The email, “Confirmation of your Event Submission to the Saint Peter’s University Calendar” is not an approval. It is a receipt. Please review it! If there is no room listed there was no room requested. If you find a mistake please: use the withdraw link (in that email); review the tutorial; and try the form again.


If you requested a room, you will receive an automatic e-mail once your request has been reviewed. Once received please proceed to Step 4 to communicate room set-up details and to arrange for other needs.


Lastly, the event goes to the calendar manager to be cleared for the website (or hidden from the website if it is a private matter.) You will receive a notice from the calendar manager to let you know if the event will be shown on the website, and where.

Step 4: Reserve Resources


Open a Maintenance Ticket to document your event. Request must include: event name, date, location, room, setup time, setup request (theater, U-shape, etc.), # of chairs/tables, and other items needed. Please visit the intranet under Conferencing and Events for sample floorplan templates.


Need an afternoon snack or menu package? Visit Sodexo's Flavours Catering to place your order!


Need guest WiFi passwords or audio/visual equipment for a classroom or event space? Complete the Technology Request Form


Will your guests need logins for classroom/lab technology (smart computers/printing)? Email Client Services.


If parking arrangements or security is needed, please contact Campus Safety and speak with Lenesha Hall.

Step 5: Promote

Peacock Press:The Peacock Press e-newsletter is distributed by University Communications on Mondays and Thursdays. Please send all submissions to University Facebook: This is a community bulletin board. Posts from our students, faculty, and staff are very much encouraged! Log-in and spread the word on our Timeline. (Or post it to your department Facebook and tag @Saint Peter's University.) Student Center Digital Displays (elevator banks): Send a .jpg (preferably sized to 1920 x 1080 px) to Kris at Press Releases and Feature Stories: Please contact Angeline at LED Board: The LED board is managed by Enrollment Marketing. If you believe promoting this event would support enrollment efforts feel free to suggest that it be considered for LED rotation by emailing the Web team at Student Newspaper: Contact the Pauw Wow staff for ad rates and instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all rooms included in the reservation system?

No. Classrooms and labs are not included in the reservation system. For classrooms please email Arlene at For Loyola computer labs please contact Jessica at

After I submit a request how can I edit it?

  • To delete it: Use the withdraw link in the email, "Confirmation of your Event Submission to the Saint Peter’s University Calendar."
  • To adjust the room reservation (location or time): Please delete your request and return to the room request form to check availability. For reservation questions, please contact Room Reservations at
  • To edit the title or description: email the web team at Please note, the web team cannot change your reservation or look up availability. We play no part in room reservations. We are responsible for the quality of calendar content and where these events show throughout the Saint Peter's University website.

Why does the request form ask “Promote this event on the website?”

Ultimately, the calendar manager must decide whether or not the event belongs on the public website. Internal meetings should not be shown to the public. Please help us to be able to tell the difference by writing an accurate description and recommending the appropriate action.
Public or Private - Invitation Only:
  • Events where you want to encourage attendance.
  • Events which will raise the University's profile or have a marketing value
Private - Hidden:
  • Class (unless others are invited)
  • Private or Committee meetings

I don't know the details. Can I put in a separate calendar request later?

No. One request per event. Multiple departments are checking this system to coordinate services for your event. We cannot have some details in one entry and others in another. We cannot display half of the information to the public. The reservation system isn't able to combine events with similar titles. Each will show as a separate, unrelated entry. When you reserve a room you must be prepared to provide a basic description.

If I choose to have my event promoted on the website, where will it appear?

It will become part of the University’s Event Calendar (formerly known as “the master calendar”) and also appear on the event pages of all appropriate departments and student organization websites. To select appropriate websites use the “category” section on the request form. (ex. Choose “Select Multiple” to request that the Biology honor society induction show on both the Honor Society’s website as well as the Biology department’s website.)

How Do I Ensure There Is Set-Up Time For My Event?

In the same area on the form where you select your room you will see most room layouts have pre-determined set-up and break-down times. You also have the option of specifying your own set-up time to extend your prep time if necessary.

Does set-up time vs. start time really matter?

Yes! Start time is for the benefit of your guests. If the event is shown on the calendar the start time will be promoted. Unless you want your guests helping us set the table don't lump these times into one blob of reservation.

Where Do I Send My Set-Up Needs?

Although the room request form has a section for set-up it is not very detailed. Therefore, we require set-up needs to be submitted directly to maintenance via the set-up request under Step 4.

Room Swapping

Please understand that if a colleague agrees to let you take their reservation you must ask them to withdraw their request so you can put in your own. Room Reservations must review and approve all event requests for on-campus events. If the calendar doesn’t properly reflect what’s happening on campus we are not properly serving our students and guests.

What if I need a calendar listing but not a room?

If your event is off-campus or will not use a reservable space on campus you may still use the Room & Calendar Request form. When you get to the room section you will be able to specify that you do not want a room. The request will be submitted as a calendar request. (Please note, if your event is in a reservable room on campus that entry must contain the description for your event. Do not create a separate calendar request.)

Are there any other event guidelines I should know about?

Please refer to the Speaker Expression Policy.