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Membership Information

Membership Request Form

Membership Agreement

  1. Members agree to obey all published rules and regulations governing the use of the Yanitelli Recreational Life Center. It is further understood that membership is a privilege that may be modified or revoked at the discretion of Saint Peter’s University.
  2. Members also agree to discharge Saint Peter’s University and all of its officials, agents, and employees from all claims, demands, actions, or causes of action, which may occur from using these facilities.  Further, members agree to hold the University harmless and fully indemnify the University from any action for damage to property of persons from acts of said members, their families, or guest.
  3. It is further understood that no commercial solicitation is permitted in the Yanitelli Recreational Life Center, or elsewhere on Saint Peter’s University property, without the express and prior written permissions of Saint Peter’s University authorities. This restriction includes any commercial lessons (swimming, tennis, personal training, etc.)

Membership Rates


Membership Categories Individual Family*
Saint Peter’s University Students No Fee N/A
Saint Peter’s University Faculty, Staff, Administration No Fee $250.00
Saint Peter’s University Alumni $350.00 $450.00
Priests, Nuns, and Other Clergy *** $60.00 N/A
Saint Peter’s University Retiree $60.00 N/A
Community Member $475.00 $600.00

* Family membership rates cover the following:

  • A family membership is between two married adults, a married couple with children between the ages of 5-18, or a single parent with children ages 5-18 years old. Unmarried couples, uncles, aunts, grandchildren, grandparents cousins, siblings, etc. are not eligible.
  • Marriage certificates must be presented for any married couple.
  • For children a birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, or other state-issued ID must be supplied to verify the child’s identity and age.
  •  All members 5 years and older. must submit valid COVID vaccination upon sign up. All COVID vaccinations must be within the last year. Vaccinations older than one year must be accompanied by a booster. No exemptions are available per University policy.
  • All persons who will be on the membership must be present when purchasing the membership. Individuals cannot be added later if they are not present.
  • Family Membership cost is up to 4 individuals. Additional members beyond four is an additional cost of $100 per additional qualifying family member

*** All clergy must present identification to receive the clergy rate.  The classification of “other clergy” includes all denominations other than the Catholic faith.

Payment Schedule

Payment must be made in full at the time membership card is issued. Payment can be made by Cash, check, or money order payable to Saint Peter’s University. There will be a $500 charge for any returned checks and repayment for membership will have to be made by money order only.